double-diamond-cycler-logoThere is no information on the Double Diamond Cycler website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Double Diamond Cycler website domain (“”) was registered on the 1st of October 2014 and lists a Ronald Crane as the owner. An address in the US state of Florida is also provided.

Supporting this is a YouTube account named “Ron A Crane”, to which several Double Diamond Cycler promotional videos have been uploaded to. These are official company videos, as featured on the Double Diamond Cycler website.

Finally, Crane’s Facebook profile also confirms as much. On it Crane can be seen openly promoting Double Diamond Cycler:


Crane promotes MLM opportunities he’s currently involved in over at a website he’s titled “Expand Your Horizons”.

Currently featured on the site are the following opportunites:

  • Momentum Feeder – $25 matrix positions, paying $125 once enough new affiliates have been recruited
  • One Buck Marketing – $1 recruitment-driven scheme that pays affiliates to recruit new affiliates
  • Kannaway – Hemp-based MLM opportunity

Bit of a mixed bag there… let’s see where a review of Double Diamond Cycler takes us.

Read on for a full review of the Double Diamond Cycler MLM business opportunity.

The Double Diamond Cycler Product Line

Double Diamond Cycler has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself.

Once signed up, Double Diamond Cycler affiliates can then purchase positions in the company’s compensation plan. Bundled with each of these positions are “downloadable training packages”.

The Double Diamond Cycler Compensation Plan

The Double Diamond Cycler compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing positions in a series of matrices.

Six matrices are offered as follows:

Sapphire Matrix

Double Diamond Cycler’s Straight Line matrix is a 10×1.

Each position costs $20 and requires ten positions under it to be filled.

These positions are filled via the purchase of positions by recruited affiliates. These affiliates can be personally recruited or indirectly recruited by an affiliate’s upline and downline.

Once all ten positions below the matrix position are filled, Double Diamond Cycler pay the affiliate $100, gives them two new positions in two separate Sapphire matrices and one new position in an Emerald Matrix.

Emerald Matrix

Double Diamond Cycler use a 2×3 matrix for their Emerald Matrix.

A 2×3 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them (level 1):


These level 1 positions branch out into another two positions each, making up level 2 of the matrix. The level 2 positions branch out into another two positions each again, making up the third and final level of the matrix (fourteen positions in total).

Positions are filled as per the Sapphire Matrix, with positions in the Emerald Matrix costing $30.

Once all positions filled in an Emerald Matrix, Double Diamond Cycler pays out $50, provides one entry into a Sapphire Matrix and one entry into a Ruby Matrix.

Ruby Matrix

Double Diamond Cycler’s Ruby Matrix is the same as the 2×3 matrix used for an Emerald Matrix, minus the third level.


This means that there are only six positions to fill at the Ruby Matrix level.

Positions in a Ruby Matrix can only be obtained via cycling out of an Emerald Matrix.

Once all six positions in a Ruby Matrix are filled, Double Diamond Cycler pay out $150, provide one entry into a Sapphire Matrix and one entry into a Diamond Matrix.

Diamond Matrix

As with the Ruby level, the Diamond Matrix level is also a 2×2.

Once all positions in a Diamond Matrix are filled, Double Diamond Cycler pay out $500, provide one entry into a Sapphire Matrix and one entry into a Double Diamond Matrix.

Double Diamond Matrix

The Double Diamond Matrix is another 2×2.

Once positions are filled in a Double Diamond Matrix, Double Diamond Cycler pay out $2800 and provide one entry into a Sapphire Matrix and one entry into a Ruby Matrix.

Templar 100 Matrix

Positions in the Templar 100 Matrix cost “$100 + fees”, and require five positions below the matrix to be filled (5×1).

Once all five positions are filled, Double Diamond Cycler pay out $250 and provide one entry into a Templar 100 Matrix, one entry into a Sapphire Matrix and one entry into an Emerald Matrix.

A $5 referral commission is also paid out whenever a personally recruited affiliate purchases a Templar 100 Matrix position.

Joining Double Diamond Cycler

Affiliate membership with Double Diamond Cycler is free, however affiliates must purchase at least one matrix position if they wish to earn commissions.

As such, the defacto minimum affiliate cost of joining Double Diamond Cycler ranges from $20 (a Sapphire Matrix position) to $100 (a Templar 100 Matrix position).

The purchase of additional matrix positions will add to this cost.


Billing itself as “the last cycler you will ever need to join”, Double Diamond Cycler offers no products or services that can be marketed to retail customers.

Instead, Double Diamond Cycler simply shuffles new affiliate funds to pay out affiliates with existing matrix positions.

This is true at all six offered matrix levels.

The “downloadable training packages” offered with each matrix position are neither here nor there, as it is the positions themselves being purchased.

Case in point? An affiliate can purchase multiple matrix positions. Why would they need multiple copies of “downloadable training packages”?

The answer is they don’t, with the packages designed only to serve as smoke and mirrors for Double Diamond Cycler’s matrix money game.

Affiliates buy in for between $20 to $100, and are then paid when subsequent positions are bought by recruited affiliates.

As with all recruitment-driven schemes, once new affiliate funds entering the system slows down (by way of purchasing matrix positions), the matrices will begin to take long and longer to cycle through.

Ultimately they will grind to a halt, triggering a pyramid scheme collapse.

Ironically, Double Diamond Cycler’s owner, Ronald Crane, seems perfectly adept at identifying a dubious business opportunity.

Here’s what he had to say on his Facebook profile when he was recently approached to join and invest in the Ponzi scheme uFun Club:


Anyone thinking of getting involved in Ufun go to the Ufun VIP group and ask why my posts and comments were deleted from the group and why they kicked me out.

This happens every time someone starts asking about the particulars of a program that the leaders do not want you to know. These particulars are what keeps people from joining as it is not a legitimate opportunity.

This is not my first experience with this type of situation and each time the program scammed out. I do not profess to know everything but I do know RED FLAGS when I see them.

Please be careful and do your research.

I honestly hope I’m wrong but I am very skeptical now. It seems that people are not asking the right questions and do not even understand how it works before they invest their money.

My questions were intended to get the facts which are not offered in any of the materials promoting Utokens.

The plain fact is I was asking questions that they did not want out in the open because they have something to hide.

The part I’ve bolded suggests Crane has extensive experience with investing in Ponzi schemes.

Able to identify such schemes for what they are, that being fraudulent investment scams, why Crane is running around pyramid schemes like Double Diamond Cycler then is a mystery.