The first clawback claims are now imminent, and a lawsuit against multiple named defendants along with a class of net winners will be filed during the fourth quarter of 2013.

-Kenneth Bell, Zeek Rewards Receiver (October 2013)

zeekrewardsWith Zeek Rewards top net winners now staring down the barrel of pending clawback litigation, the race is on to hide assets and funds from the Zeek Receiver.

Whereas the full extent of the lengths Zeek Rewards’ top Ponzi profiteers will go to in an efforts to avoid paying back those they stole from is difficult to determine, some insight is provided by MoneyMakerGroup forum member, “HerculesUnchained”.

Seeking to join the MLM opportunity DS Domination, HerculesUnchained writes:


I would like several people to contact the CEO of DS Domination to get an answer to this inquiry. I need for you to inquire since I do not have access to the CEO.

I have been looking at the MMG forums and I spotted a program called DS Domination that looks like it is a good replacement for Zeek and there is no chance of it being attacked by a desperate government because of how it is set up, so it looks to be a very good program.

But before I sign up I want to make sure that a person can sign up using a company as the member of DS Domination and I do not want to sign up using my own name.

The reason for this is because I may soon have an unjust lawsuit against me and I can legally protect the membership I have with DSD and the profits I get from DS Domination if I use a company to sign up since a company is a separate legal “person” from myself.

The profits earned by that company can not be easily attacked after the unjust lawsuit is issued against me.

If the admin allows members to sign up using a company then I will respect him for that since he is thinking of the welfare of the membership and not just the profits that his membership can bring to him.

Please find out if we can sign up with DS Domination in a company name or not. If not, then the admin will be forcing me to be exposed to possibly losing the profits I will be forced to personally earn through DSD because of that unjust lawsuit that may soon come my way.

I need to know if the admin. will allow us to PROTECT OURSELVES LEGALLY by SIGNING UP with DSD LEGALLY THROUGH A COMPANY that we own. Please find out and get back to me. Thanks.

Also, find out if we can have the option of being issued a check or not. I would prefer that the profits which are generated to my company be issued through a check that is sent to my company. 

Thanks for finding out this information for me since you are on MMG quite often. Thanks again.

That “unjust lawsuit” HerculesUnchained is referring to is the same pending clawback I quoted Kenneth Bell mentioning at the start of this article. Apparently HerculesUnchained believes ripping off people in a Ponzi scheme and being made to pay those who lost money back, is “unjust”.

Long-time readers of BehindMLM will observe this isn’t the first appearance HerculesUnchained has made on the blog.

Just over a year ago HerculesUnchained called on Bidify affiliates to launch a “recruitment strike“, following the company’s failure to pay out affiliates. Just last month, quoting “another person”, he then urged ex-Zeek Rewards affiliates to launch a lawsuit against the US government over the cost of the Obamacare website. Once this lawsuit was filed Zeek Rewards’ top affiliates would then

make a deal… that if they will drop the lawsuit against the Zeek people, then we will drop our lawsuit against them.

Meanwhile whilst I’m no expert on clawback litigation, one would hope that escaping it wasn’t as simple as registering a company and transferring all your Zeek Ponzi profits into said company’s bank accounts.


Meanwhile why HerculesUnchained thinks DS Domination “is a good replacement for Zeek” I have no idea.

Sure, under DS Domination’s business model the company pays out commissions on recruitment with 100% of the revenue generated via affiliate membership fees, but that’s a far cry from the $600M Ponzi investment scheme Paul Burks pioneered with Zeek Rewards.