Immediately after the Zeek Rewards Ponzi collapse, Bidify pulled their compensation plan offline with the mindset that their plan as it was then would also most likely be seen as a Ponzi scheme by US authorities.

Ditching the Ponzi points style compensation they had in favour of a retail sale of bids style plan, Bidify pushed ahead into unchartered territory:

Could a penny auction survive attached to a MLM style compensation plan that wasn’t just a blatant Ponzi coverup?

So far the answer appears to be yes, with Bidify chugging along and seemingly having survived the Zeek Rewards Ponzi apocalypse. With a multitude of MLM penny auctions sitting in continously extended prelaunch phases (whilst paying out recruitment commissions to their members), how Bidify will fare in 2013 with some serious competition though remains to be seen.

In the meantime, one particular development within the Bidify affiliate sphere recently caught my eye.

Apparently fed up with Bidify only offering affiliates the Towah payment processor to withdraw their earnings out of, eight days ago one Bidify affiliate called on fellow affiliates to join them on a “recruitment strike”.

The reason behind the strike appears to be ongoing problems between Bidify’s affiliates and the Towah payment processor.

Blaming the payment problems on “draconian regulations”, the affiliate claims that on a Bidify conference call Chief Creative Officer, Frode Jorgensen (photo right), acknowledged that

all payments were easy to make except for U.S. customers (Bidify affiliates)…it is harder to get a payment to someone in the U.S.

Yet despite these ongoing problems, to date Bidify has failed to set up an alternative payment processor for its US based affiliates.

Seemingly rallying against Jorgensen in particular, on October 15th the affiliate called on him to ‘implement Payza at least to help the people in the U.S. get paid‘.

Not having received a solution to the problem a week later, on October 20th the affiliate announced a “recruitment strike”, calling on other affiliates to join in:

I am not going to recruit anyone into Bidify until Frode puts Payza and Solid Trust Pay into place as payout options that can compete with Towah.

Because it is so hard to get money out using Towah, it is advantageous for Bidify to keep Towah as their only payout option.

I ask all of you to go on strike with me and not recruit anyone until Bidify puts Payza and Solid Trust Pay into place as both payment and payout options.

Remember, there are hundreds upon hundreds of affiliates who are having problems getting their money out of Bidify.

Please join me.

One week later,

I can not thank you enough for the outpouring of Bidify member support for the suggestion I made above.


Frode will feel the effect of the lack of recruiting and will put Payza or Solid Trust Pay into place as payment processors for Bidify affiliates who want to cash out using these legal payment methods.

Remember, it may be the only way we can force him to do something that should have been done long time ago.

Come on Frode, put Payza and Solid Trust Pay in place as payment processors that we can use to both make payment and also to receive payouts from Bidify.

Curiously, despite the apparent shift in focus to customer acquisition and retail purchasing of bids, Bidify’s affiliates appear to be of the mindset that in order to have their demands met by the company, that striking on the recruitment of new affiliates is the most effective way to get their message across.

Despite the changes made to Bidify’s compensation plan, could this indicate a resilience in the affiliate base and business to shift away from a focus on affiliate recruitment rather than customers and Bidify’s Bidsson penny auction?

One would think that if retail customers and their bid purchases were indeed the lifeblood of the company, surely refusing to process customer bid purchases and find new customers for Bidsson would have a far greater impact and attract Bidify management’s attention than refusing to recruit new affiliates.

As per the actions of some of Bidify’s affiliates however, this doesn’t appear to be so.

Whether or not the Bidify recruitment strike gains enough traction to force company management to implement more workable payment solutions to the company’s US based affiliates remains to be seen, but it certainly begs the question as to why thus far no action has been taken.

If things aren’t working out between Towah and Bidify’s US based affiliates, obviously an alternative solution needs to be found. Why none has been found even months after Bidify launched however remains unknown.

Possible fearing retaliation against Bidify for airing their grievances with Towah publicly and stopping their recruitment of new affiliates, “HerculesUnchained” of the MoneyMakerGroup forum urges those wishing to participate to

contact (him) by private message only so you do not reveal on  this forum that you are joining the strike against Frode by not recruiting.

Stay tuned.