I don’t know what’s up in Zeek Rewards ex-affiliate circles this week but after only days ago Robert Craddock dropped his “Zeek Rewards wasn’t a Ponzi scheme cuz we didn’t say it was” comedic bombshell, now we’ve got other angry Zeek Rewards net winners suggesting they should sue the government…

…and then use the lawsuit as blackmail leverage to get out of having to pay back their Zeek Ponzi winnings.

Want to know the grounds these Zeek Rewards affiliates are proposing they sue the government on? Read on…

The directive first surfaced on the popular Ponzi promotion forum MoneyMakerGroup, reproduced by poster “HerculesUnchained” who claims ‘yet another person sent this idea to me‘.


Whoever wrote the directive (no author is named) is ticked off about the US government spending a purported 600M on their new “Obamacare” website:

If you know anything about website costs, and the people on the Warrior Forum do, then you will know it was criminal to pay $600 million for a website that could have been done for about $25,000.

It was criminal of the federal government to pay that much for a website that could have been done for much much less.

The money they borrowed for that will need to be paid back someday with interest by people who had nothing to do with the criminal actions of choosing and paying the amateurs who are constructing that website.

With the government spending more than it cost to build Facebook and Twitter, I wholeheartedly agree that somebody needs to be made accountable.

Even if we take at the actual figure the government spent, that being $394 million and not the $600M claimed (that’s how much the contracted company has been paid in total by the Department of Health and Human Services for various contracts since 2006), that’s still far too much for what is evidently a website that’s by all accounts vastly underperforming.

That being said, I’m still at a loss as to what was paid for a healthcare website has to do with Zeek Rewards though.

Over to you, Zeek affiliates:

All those in Zeek should hire a team of lawyers to issue a lawsuit against the federal government with a claw back requirement for anything above $25,000 that went into that health care website that was recently constructed.

If you know anything about website costs, and the people on the Warrior Forum do, then you will know it was criminal to pay $600 million for a website that could have been done for about $25,000.

Be outraged at the amount spent sure, but still… excessive government spending is nothing new – why is this important enough to circulate amongst Zeek’s net winners?

What if we make a deal with the federal government that if they will drop the lawsuit against the Zeek people, then we will drop our lawsuit against them for criminally spending so much money on that website?

Oh right, you want to use the debacle to try to get out of paying your Ponzi profits to those that lost money in a $600M Ponzi scheme.

You see folks, clawing back the government over excessive spending on a healthcare website is exactly the same as ripping people off in a $600M global Ponzi fraud.

Undermining the outrage in the directive however is the evident resolution that the government’s spending wasn’t all that bad – just so long as you let Zeek Rewards’ top affiliates keep their Ponzi earnings.

‘You let me keep my Ponzi money and I’ll turn a blind-eye to your over-spending, deal?’

Ironically the poster of the directive, “HerculesUnchained”, is the same guy behind the “recruitment strike” campaign launched against Bidify back in October 2012. In response to Bidify failing to pay him, HerculesUnchained launched an online campaign that called for his fellow affiliates stop recruiting new investors into the scheme until they were paid.

Having no doubt lost money in both Bidify and Zeek Rewards and god knows how many Ponzi reload scams after that, on some level the determination of some Zeek affiliates to weasel out of paying back their Ponzi profits is understandable.

At the end of the day though you all had your “get paid to advertise” fun knowing full-well Zeek Rewards was a Ponzi scheme. You ripped off thousands of people for millions of dollars and now it’s time to stop making excuses and pay up.