Following on from identifying where Wiseling shot its staged marketing videos, BehindMLM can now confirm the identity of the actor playing Matias Lappo.

I received a tipoff on Lappo’s identity from Javier Saavedra. The photo I was sent is presented below:

That’s Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in the background. The man in the foreground, who we know as Matias Lappo, is Andrey Ovchinnikov.

The image was used by Ovchinnikov (lit: Андрей Овчинников), as a profile photo in a series of 2019 photo uploads of Nevsky District, St. Petersburg.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is also in St. Petersburg. St Petersburg was also where Wiseling had Andrey Ovchinnikov shoot his Matias Lappo videos.

Armed with a name I went on the hunt for more information. I was able to confirm that at one point Ovchinnikov had a VK profile.

The following is a list of archived hits on Ovchinnikov’s profile photo from several vKontakte profiles:

Unfortunately Ovchinnikov has covered his tracks. As far as I can tell the referenced VK profile has been deleted.

Whether the VK profile was deleted before or after the St. Petersburg office outing is unclear.

Ovchinnikov/Lappo hasn’t been seen since approx February 24th. Following Wiseling’s collapse, he’s believed to have gone into hiding.

Other than the continuous stringing along of investors on Telegram, there have been no updates on Wiseling’s collapse.

Absent of unexpected action from Russian authorities, Wiseling investor losses are unknown.