An October 10th filed joint status report reveals mediation has failed in the Vista Network v. Phillip Piccolo et al. case.

Since I last checked the docket earlier this month, a number of motions have also been filed.

In particular Armen Temurian has sought permission to file a Third Amended Complaint, and there are a bunch of discovery motions and opposition filings flying back and forth.

On October 2nd a motion hearing was scheduled for October 15th. The motion in question is the defendant’s motion for sanctions, and a show cause order as to why Vista Network shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

Other motions have filing deadlines also set for October 15th, so they might be addressed at the motion hearing too.

Given the proximity of the October 15th hearing, our next update should be on or around the 15th.


Update 25th October 2019 – Several partial orders have been filed since publication of this article.

The first order directs Vista Network to provide requested financial documents. Vista Network also has to pay $850 in defendant legal fees and

costs associated with the second deposition of Defendant Temurian, which is to occur by October 28, 2019.

The second order pertains to Vista Network’s motions for sanctions and an extension to depose Kevin Dalton.

Other than it was granted in part and denied in part, the paperless order doesn’t specify the outcome of the motion.

The third order is procedural and pertains to expert witness scheduling.

Nothing interesting to report on in the third order, other than Vista Network ordered to pay another $1000 in defendant attorney fees.


Update 8th May 2020 – Vista Network’s lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by Armen Temurian. As of May 1st the case is closed.