Lee Oakley and partner in crime Kerry Stockton are building a mansion in Australia.

As per a promo from Lea Design Studio, principal architect of the project, Oakley’s and Stockton’s waterfront property will be crowned “Laguna”.

LAGUNA is a new 3 level waterfront home overlooking the Surfers Paradise Skyline.

Designed with entertaining in mind, ground level indoor and outdoor spaces combine seamlessly to create a large covered recreation area.

These spaces are enhanced by a rooftop terrace and a waterfront pool deck incorporating an alfresco kitchen and split-level swim up bar within the large lagoon style pool.

A basement provides parking for 6 vehicles and links directly to the water via a boat ramp. It also contains a lounge bar, media room, gym and workshop.

Due to commence construction in 2023.

Oakley’s and Stockton’s new 1088m² mansion will be built in Surfers Paradise, a suburb of the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Oakley and Stockton were top earners in the USI-Tech Ponzi scheme.

USI-Tech was launched in 2016 by Joao Severino, Horst Jicha and Ralf Gold.

USI-Tech’s original business model was your typical forex trading ruse. That collapsed in mid 2017, prompting a bitcoin reboot.

The bitcoin reboot collapsed in late 2017, prompting USI-Tech to initiate its “Tech Coin” shitcoin exit-scam.

By this stage USI-Tech had attracted regulatory warnings from the US, Canada and other countries.

Withdrawal problems in January 2018 marked USI-Tech’s collapse.

As of March 2018 a broader US regulatory investigation into USI-Tech was confirmed. To date however, no further public action has been taken.

Joao Severino, Horst Jicha and Ralf Gold disappeared, never to be seen again.

Total USI-Tech investor losses remain unknown. Ditto how much, as top Australian promoters, Lee Oakley and Kerry Stockton misappropriated through the Ponzi scheme.

After USI-Tech Oakley and Stockton continued to defraud investors through MLM Ponzi schemes. BehindMLM can confirm two of them was Dan Putnam’s Eyeline Trading and WealthBoss scams.

Whether Lea Design Studio are aware they will potentially be paid in funds misappropriated through financial fraud is unclear.

Typically BehindMLM doesn’t track individual promoters of MLM Ponzi schemes. With Lee Oakley we’re making an exception owing to recent defamation claims.

Oakley splashing Ponzi cash on a Surfers Paradise property was preceded by an August 18th defamation complaint.

BehindMLM is named along with a bunch of other websites, all having published information tying Oakley to USI-Tech.

Through “Internet Removals Pty Ltd”, Oakley claims;

The publications are false, damaging, disparaging, without substantiation and accordingly, they violate the Uniform Defamation Laws of Australia, namely the Defamation Act 2005.

Ironically BehindMLM itself hasn’t published any content on Oakley prior to this article.

As a serial promoter of scams however, Oakley has been mentioned by readers in our comments. We’re assuming this is what he’s upset about.

In any event, BehindMLM stands by the fact that USI-Tech was a Ponzi scheme and Lee Oakley was a top earner in said Ponzi scheme.

Oakley is free to provide evidence to the contrary, which he would of course have to do in court. But this isn’t about due-process, Oakley just wants to hide his scamming.

After his August 2022 bogus complaint went nowhere, Oakley tried again October 3rd.

Whether Oakley’s attempted cover-up ties into potential financial due-diligence related to his Laguna mansion is unclear.


Update 27th July 2023 – Following publication of this article Lea Design Studio now lists Lee Oakley’s property as “La Luna”.