With forex recruitment all but dead and their bitcoin package ROI liabilities spiraled out of control, USI-Tech’s latest ploy to raise investment revenue is an ICO.

Tech Coin will be another entry into the burgeoning MLM underbelly ICO market.

Offering nothing new to the cryptocurrency space, Tech Coin is likely just another script-generated altcoin.

Ultimately Tech Coin will serve no other purpose than to launder USI-Tech investor funds through, pocketing owners and big recruiters a large percentage of funds invested.

If that sounds familiar it’s because practically everybody in the MLM underbelly is launching their own ICO.

A common misconception across the MLM underbelly is that cryptocurrency investment opportunities are unregulated, something USI-Tech recently found out first-hand is not the case.

Specific details of USI-Tech’s Tech Coin ICO have yet to be made public.

What we do know though is that it has already been low-key launched internally, with USI-Tech affiliates able to invest in Tech Coin ICO packages ranging from €50 to €50,000 EUR.

  • Silver – 50 EUR for 100 Tech Coin points
  • Gold – 2500 EUR for 5000 Tech Coin points plus 10,000 point bonus
  • Ruby – 10,000 EUR for 20,000 Tech Coin points plus 120,000 point bonus
  • Emerald – 25,000 EUR for 50,000 Tech Coin points plus 600,000 point bonus
  • Diamond – 50,000 EUR for 100,000 Tech Coin points plus 1,200,000 point bonus

At this stage Tech Coin is little more than pre-generated points, offered through the USI-Tech affiliate back-office.

Commissions are paid on Tech Coin points investment, topping out at 60.2% at the Diamond Package level.

If you buy a Diamond Token package … you can increase your commissions from 35% up to 60% on 12 levels!

(For complete details visit the Commission Pay Plan section of your USI TECH backoffice.)

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point Tech Coin packages were introduced alongside USI-Tech’s bitcoin packages.

Another move USI-Tech management might be considering is to eventually restrict bitcoin package ROI payments to Tech Coin.

Tech Coin points cost USI-Tech next to nothing to create, however the internal value is pegged to affiliate investment.

At some point USI-Tech might procure an altcoin script and launch Tech Coin publicly, however being attached to a Ponzi scheme means it will never have any use or value outside of USI-Tech itself.

Not that that matters for USI-Tech’s owners and top affiliates. They sell you worthless points for real money, take your money and then leave you hanging.

USI-Tech affiliates gullible to buy in will ultimately be left a Tech Coin point balance they can’t do anything with, despite being told it’s worth actual money.

That’s if regulators don’t start rounding up top promoters, effectively shutting USI-Tech down.

Texas’ cease and desist was issued on December 20th.

USI-Tech has 31 days to respond to the notice, putting us at January 20th, 2018.

That’s only three weeks away, with USI-Tech to date not addressing the Texas cease and desist publicly or providing any indication they intend to challenge the notice.

Back in August the law firm Hart & David (now Hart David Carson), provided USI-Tech with a legal opinion that claiming bitcoin Ponzi fraud was legal in the US.

Around the time Texas issued their cease and desist, the Hart David Carson website disappeared.

It has since been restored, but to date we haven’t heard anything from them regarding Texas potentially outlawing USI-Tech.

The only indication I’ve seen that USI-Tech is paying attention to regulation was the abrupt cancellation of a scheduled Hawaii event next year. The event has since been moved to the Dominican Republic.

The regulatory trail of previous MLM Ponzi schemes has seen investigations launched by individual states, before the SEC finally moved in at the federal level.

Not surprisingly, when individual states announced investigations into Zeek Rewards and TelexFree, the reaction of affiliates wasn’t unlike USI-Tech’s YouTube shills.

Stay tuned…