Not content with spreading lies about registering their Ponzi scheme with the SEC, USI-Tech and their affiliates are spreading porky pies about a contract with BitFury.

For those unfamiliar with the company, BitFury claim to be a “full service Blockchain technology company”.

The Bitfury Group develops and delivers both the software and the hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move an asset across the Blockchain.

USI-Tech marketing material promoting a $70 million dollar deal between the company and BitFury began circulating about three days ago.

Irish USI-Tech affiliate Aoibhin Sheehy, aka “KingsOfBitcoin”, wrote in a Steemit post dated October 7th;

Seems all it takes is a bit of Fun-in-the-Sun, a Postcard Destination, and liberal amounts of Alcoholic Beverages to loosen some lips and let the “cat out-of-the-bag!”

“What’s the Scoop?” you say. USI-TECH has acquired 70 Million Dollars of Mining power through the BitFury Group — one of the largest and most lucrative mining companies in operation.

This is an unprecedented acquisition, typically refused to most companies approaching BitFury, due to the significant draw on resources the purchase represents; however, for USI-TECH, the “Sky’s the Limit”, and the deal was inked, thereby adding years of longevity to the already potent powerhouse that is USI-TECH.

Similar content from other USI-Tech affiliates can be found plastered all over Facebook:

The event referenced in both posts is a recent “VIP” event held for top USI-Tech investors in Mallorca, Spain.

It was at this event that USI-Tech’s owners purportedly revealed that $70 million BitFury contract.

Naturally it didn’t take long for the news to reach the rest of the USI-Tech affiliate-base, who promptly began spreading it all over the internet.

The problem?

According to BitFury CIO Alex Petrov, there isn’t a contract.

Within 48 hours of the purported contract being mentioned here on BehindMLM, Petrov claimed no contract was signed;

USI Tech doesn’t sign any contracts with Bitfury, contact are fake. This is officially confirmed from Bitfury side.

Putting aside a BitFury contract doesn’t negate USI-Tech running a Ponzi scheme since late 2016, one can only speculate as to why USI-Tech management would create a lie that is so easily debunked.

The obvious reason was to detract attention away from the bogus SEC registration, which was also ridiculously easy to debunk (an Edgar database search takes all of two seconds).

What with BitFury quick to confirm no contract between the two companies exists, I wonder what new lie USI-Tech will come up to cover up their latest PR blunder?

When’s their next event? Stay tuned…


Update 10th October 2017 – Alex Petrov has provided video evidence of USI-Tech lying about a BitFury contract.

The footage (screenshot above) shows USI-Tech owner Horst Jicha on stage.

At [1:05] Jicha tells VIP USI-Tech affiliates in attendance;

We just signed this morning another seventy million dollars BitFury block boxes.

According to the BitFury website, their BlockBox AC

is one of the first mobile Bitcoin mining units that has the scale of a full-size data center, allowing for easy access to the Bitcoin network.

Despite being lied to (not that they’d have known it at the time), USI-Tech’s VIP affiliates applaud Jicha’s announcement.

[1:17] We are the only company that gets it hands on $70 million dollars in BitFury block boxes in this world.

And this is a long-term contract, we can renew it every six months. And that’s the reality.

Alex Petrov maintains BitFury never signed any contract with USI-Tech.


Update 18th October 2017 – Likely in an attempt to remove evidence of Horst Jicha’s lies, the video referenced in the last update has since been deleted.