USFIA victims have been given a final August 9th deadline to sort out their claims.

Following a July 24th court order, the USFIA Receiver published the following update;

On Monday the Court directed the Receiver to make one final attempt at paying the approved claimants who have not yet been able to receive a distribution payment.

Accordingly, those claimants are requested to immediately send payment instructions to the Receiver.

Instructions must include either a Paypal email account, or a valid address where a check can be received; please also include your full name, claim number (or your member ID number) and ID card or passport.

USFIA victims with a valid claim who fail to do this by August 9th, “will forfeit your claim and you will not be paid.”

Note that this is for USFIA victims with an existing valid claim. The Receiver “is not accepting new claims”.


If you already received a distribution payment, you do not need to contact the receiver at this time, unless you need to update your payment information for the second distribution.

Note that while we do track Receivership news, BehindMLM is not technical support for Receiverships.

Anyone with questions regarding the USFIA victim distribution processes should contact the Receivership.