Chinese USFIA investors have until April 30th to make sure their payment details are correct.

Failing which, sometime after May 30th their USFIA victim claims will be rendered invalid.

In an April 13th update specifically addressed to USFIA’s Chinese investors, the Receiver writes;

For investors located in China, the Receiver will be making distributions to investors by PayPal only.

You must provide your PayPal information by April 30, 2023.

If the distribution cannot be processed and cleared by May 31, 2023, the Receiver, in his sole discretion, will stop payment on any un-negotiated distributions and these will be forfeited.

Chinese USFIA investors have the option of receiving their claim distribution via PayPal only.

PayPal information should be sent to the Receiver along with the victim’s claim number and photo ID.

Note that April 30th is the deadline for submission. Payments will be attempted until May 31st.

I’m not sure whether another distribution will be made with unclaimed funds, or whether they will be turned over to the court.