Leaked Telegram updates reveal CBI Global has disabled payouts.

CBI Global is a reboot of the Uhuru Tribe Ponzi scheme, which collapsed late last year.

CBI Global announced it was disabling payouts on a July 1st webinar.

According to terms and conditions when participating in CBI products CBI reserves the right to freeze pools and products in times when the markets are very volatile.

This has been the case for the past two months and it has become necessary for CBI to so.

Instead of just admitting CBI Global is a Ponzi scheme that has collapsed, cryptocurrency “market volatility” is cited reason for disabling payouts.

The trade Pools and the Fixed Plans will be frozen until BTC reach a price of $43000 or the total market cap is back at $1.9T (trillion)
Currently BTC is at $33482 and the market cap at $1.38T.

The above figures suggest CBI Global is $9518 in the red for every bitcoin invested into the scheme.

For now it’s a paper loss, if we sell the Pools off it becomes a real loss.

Withdrawals into these products are frozen (Whether deposits are frozen as well, will be confirmed in the morning).

CBI Global affiliates are able to withdraw backoffice funds, but have been warned “it will drastically affect the fund and the value will drop”.

CBI Global owner Coenraad “Coenie” Botha has requested CBI Global affiliates be “thankful” for the collapse.

EVERYONE will be THANKFUL CBI did what they did to protect the investor’s funds and the company – (the same as they did in 2018 and the results for the investors where brilliant!)

Botha (right) is believed to run CBI Global from Namibia. Based on website traffic analysis, CBI Global is primarily marketed in Namibia.

In our original Uhuru Tribe review, we reported Botha was using South African bank accounts to run his Ponzi.

To date regulators in South Africa and Namibia have taken no action against CBI Global or Botha.