Having been served by Dish Network on June 8th, TVizion has thus far failed to respond to their copyright infringement lawsuit.

This prompted Dish Network to file an application for a Clerk’s Entry of Default, which was made on July 23rd.

Dish Network sued TVizion and 247 SmartLife, both owned by Ferras Jim Pshehalouk, for providing unauthorized access to the UFC 223 pay-per-view event.

While they haven’t responded to Dish Network’s lawsuit in court, TVizion corporate have since claimed ignorance of providing access to pirated content.

As a result of their ignoring Dish Network’s case, default has been recorded against TVizion, 247 SmartLife and Pshehalouk.

This paves the way for Dish Network to file for default judgment, should they choose to do so.

As I write this the 247 SmartLife website is still advertising access to the TVizion service.

The TVizion website however appears to have been taken down.