If someone offered you free access to an advertised pay per view broadcast in your home, you’d assume it was pirated – right?

Not TVizion, who claim complete ignorance the “free” PPV streams they offered in promotions were pirated.

Following a “major outage” of the pirated stream service that “has affected thousands of TVizion subscribers”, Anthony Nitz (Director of Marketing and Sales) has provided an explanation.

Unknown to us here at TVizion, the service that we use to aggregate and compile our streaming and video on demand content, as well as manage all of our licensing agreements, was involved in a major lawsuit.

As part of that lawsuit, an injunction was filed against them requiring that service to suspend all activities pending a final result.

It’s important to note that Tvizion was not part of this lawsuit.

Nitz doesn’t disclose the name of the service TVizion used to provide subscribers with access to pirated content.

Regrettably, we were not given any notice that this was happening, or that a shutdown was imminent.

Kind of a strange claim to make since Dish Network sued TVizion for copyright infringement back in April.

The injunction and TVizion’s case might be two separate cases, but TVizion is certainly no stranger to providing access to pirated content.

Surely they can’t claim they knew the risks of doing so on a commercial basis.

Not to be deterred, Nitz goes to state the company is “in talks with alternative services”.

We were hopeful that the service would resume in no more than just a few days.

But, as those days went by, we realized that we needed to search for an alternative to replace your service with something with at least an equal or even better experience.

Nitz claims “what is coming” is “a significant improvement” over their previous service provider.

Current TVizion subscriptions have been suspended. The company has no timeframe for when their substitute service will be up and running.

Regarding Dish Network’s lawsuit, a summons was issued against 247 Smart Life, TVizion and Jim Pshehalouk on April 30th.

TVizion is a service offered through 247 Smart Life, both companies of which are owned by Pshehalouk.

Neither 247 SmartLife, TVizion or Pshehalouk have filed an answer to Dish Network’s lawsuit as at the time of publication.


Update 20th July 2019 – The TVizion marketing video referenced in this article featuring Anthony Nitz has been pulled offline.