Following an application for an entry of default on February 5th, Dish Network has filed for default judgment against Jim Ferras Pshehalouk.

Dish Network sued Pshehalouk and his company TVizion mid last year. Dish Network alleges that through TVizion, Pshehalouk provided unauthorized access to copyrighted content.

At the time TVizion was marketed as part of 24/7 SmartLife, another company owned by Pshehalouk (right).

As of January 2019 Dish Network was having trouble serving Pshehalouk, however that obstacle appears to have since been overcome.

Default was entered against Pshehalouk on February 6th.

On February 14th Dish Network filed for default judgment. The company is asking for $1000 for every offence committed.

By Dish Network’s calculation TVizion ‘sold at least 5,959 subscriptions‘, which equates to a “conservative” estimate of $5,959,000 in damages.

Dish Network is also seeking a permanent injunction against Pshehalouk.

After Dish Network filed its lawsuit, Pshehalouk abandoned TVizion but in its wake launched NuMedia.

Through NuMedia, Pshehalouk continues to provide unauthorized access to copyrighted content.