Charles Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon indictment has been dismissed.

On August 22nd the DOJ moved to dismiss the indictment. The court granted the motion on August 23rd.

As per the DOJ’s motion;

The United States seeks dismissal because Defendant SCOVILLE has been incarcerated on unrelated state charges for years since the Grand Jury indicted this case and it is unknown when he will be released.

His entity, Defendant TRAFFIC MONSOON LLC, has passed through receivership and is no longer an ongoing concern.

Scoville (right) was incarcerated in 2018 on charges relating to child abuse. Scoville pled guilty to attempted child sexual abuse in November 2018.

I believe Scoville was sentenced in early 2019. Details of his plea agreement and sentencing however have never been made public.

Scoville had a very public mental breakdown leading up to his incarceration. Although I can’t say for sure, I suspect details of Scoville’s incarceration have been withheld due to a psychological factor.

It should be noted that while the DOJ notes Traffic Monsoon “has passed through Receivership”, the Receivership is still very much active.

As of August 2023, victim claims are still being worked through. It’s expected distribution of valid claims will commence once all outstanding disputes have been resolved.