Tori Belle’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy has been converted into a Chapter 7 liquidation.

The order for the conversion was made on November 9th, following a motion filed by the court-appointed Trustee.

Whereas in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy a business restructures debt in order to continue operating, a Chapter 7 is a liquidation.

With both Tori Belle and parent company LashLiner in Chapter 7 liquidation, functionally this is the end of Tori Belle as an MLM company.

After LashLiner filed for Chapter 11 last year, CEO Laura Hunter claimed Tori Belle was “going to be okay”.

Here’s where things get a bit strange.

There have been rumors Hunter has been recruiting Tori Belle distributors into other MLM opportunities under her. I haven’t seen anything concrete so haven’t reported on it.

Tori Belle’s website is still up, with there being no indication the company is in liquidation.

Over on FaceBook Laura Hunter just announced “a new website”:

…and it seems people in Tori Belle, including their customers, have no idea what’s going on:

TB Cosmetics meanwhile looks like a reskin of Tori Belle’s Shopify powered website.

I can’t say for sure but it appears Hunter has hastily rebooted as TB Cosmetics in the wake of the Tori Belle Chapter 7 conversion.

I’m not really an expert on bankruptcy proceedings so I’m not sure how this factors into Tori Belle’s liquidation. One question that comes to mind is where are TB Cosmetics’ products coming from?

Hunter and partner Rob Kitzberger filed for personal bankruptcy on October 3rd, 2023.

Of note is TB Cosmetics’ website having an “affiliate login” page…

…but no indication whether this is a fully-fledged MLM opportunity.

Hopefully, at the very least for Tori Belle distributors and customers, clarification is provided soon.


Update 26th November 2023 – A reader sent in some examples of Laura Hunter promoting various MLM opportunities to Tori Belle distributors.

This includes Hugh and Grace, TranzactCard and Beauty Society.

Hugh and Grace recruitment fell through after owner Ben Jensen called out misinformation regarding a potential merger between the two companies.