The TelexFree Receiver has sent out an email detailing a second distribution to valid claim holders.

As per the email, shared on BehindMLM by a reader, valid claim holders will receive a second distribution payment of 4.5 cents on the dollar.

I believe this is calculated on the total allowed claim value, irrespective of the first distribution payment amount.

E.g. if your allowed claim was for $1000, you can expect a $45 second distribution payment.

Valid claim holders have until September 23rd to make any changes to their payment method in the official payment portal.

Note that these payments will go out automatically. Anyone asking for payment information or anything else related to the second distribution is trying to scam you.

Also, and this should go without saying, if you don’t have a valid claim there have been no changes. You will not receive a distribution payment.

Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to scam you.

The TelexFree Receiver advises second distribution payments will go out on September 30th. I’ll leave an update below confirming the payments have been received.

As of April 2020, TelexFree victims with approved claims had recovered ~40% of their losses. The second distribution payment would appear to increase that amount to roughly 44% to 45%.