telexfree-logoI’m seeing a whole bunch of crazy information getting pushed out there by TelexFree affiliates about the next tax hearing date. Dates in late April and May are all over the place, and many are citing some list of nine things that are apparently to be discussed.

Meanwhile in reality, a single Judge has signed the order for a continuance of the motion, to be held on Monday April 21st. That’s it, so take any additional information with a dumptruck full of salt (such as five judges voting on anything…etc).

As per the order, objections need to be filed before 1:30pm on April 21st, and I imagine we’ll be seeing something from either the Massachusetts Securities Division, the SEC or both.

Both regulatory agencies filed their respective Ponzi and pyramid scheme complaints on the 15th of April, so there appears to be some cross-over as far as their respective investigations and subsequent filed cases go.

There is currently a temporary restraining order out on TelexFree, meaning they cannot do anything as far as business operations go. Lest they breach the TRO and invite an additional world of trouble on themselves.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and be wary of the BS brigade. A lot of people are doing everything they can to keep their downlines from revolting against them – and it’s not helping anyone.