TelexFree victims participating in the Trusteeship claims process are being targeted by scammers.

On September 6th the US Bankruptcy Court for Massachusetts published the following order:

The Court having recently received information indicating that fraudulent Court documents have been circulated to claimants in this case accompanied by requests for sensitive information, including bank account information, a status conference is set for September 7, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.

No specifics about the “received information” has been made public. Sounds like recovery scammers to me.

A recovery scam is where scammers pitch recovery of lost funds to victims of Ponzi schemes.

Typically this involves a website, or redirecting victims to Telegram or WhatsApp.

The scammers will ask for information and concoct a suitable story to keep the victim strung along. It might take a day of back and forth, it might take a week, it might take a month; eventually the victim will be asked to hand over money.

That’s when the scammers make off, leaving the victim effectively double-scammed.

The court’s mention of bank accounts suggests scammers might be requesting access information via fake court documents. Armed with that information, they’d then try to drain the accounts.

If you’ve participated in the TelexFree victim claims process (even if you had your claim denied), be wary of anyone promising you recovery.

The Trusteeship has all the information they need. And if you receive anything containing court documents and/or purported communication from the Trusteeship, you can always verify it with the appropriate party.

I don’t usually get involved in the victim side of things but can answer court docket questions below. I can’t speak for anything sent out (purportedly or otherwise) by the Trusteeship.

I’ll keep an eye on the docket to see if any further information comes to light later today.