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TelexFree victims vote for distribution plan

Voting on the proposed TelexFree liquidation plan closed on June 30th. A published tally of the ballots reveals that TelexFree victims voted in support of the liquidation plan.

Rodrigues’ escape accomplices back in custody, more warrants

Earlier this year it emerged TelexFree scammer Sann Rodrigues fled Brazil with the aid of a lawyer and two former police officers. Rodrigues remains at large, however the attorney and one of the police officers involved were arrested back in February. The pair were released a day later and have been out on bail since. [Continue reading…]

TelexFree’s Wanzeler & Costa cop 12 yrs prison in Brazil

TelexFree Brazil co-owners Carlos Wanzeler and Carlos Costa have been sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison. The pair have also been fined R$1 million ($183,698 USD) each.

TelexFree Trustee puts up ~40% recovery plan for vote

Just over a week ago the TelexFree Trustee announced he was working on a Plan of Liquidation for filing. On May 6th the plan was filed, revealing what TelexFree victims can expect recovery wise.

TelexFree victims to initially recover 40%, IRS claims resolved

Just under two weeks ago BehindMLM called out the TelexFree Trustee for failing to communicate with victims. Today the Trustee has finally provided an update on parallel IRS proceedings and distribution payments.

Linda & David Hackett settle TelexFree fraud for $455,000

Individually and through their D&L Trust, Linda and David Hackett stole over $1.2 million dollars from TelexFree victims. Over four years since clawback proceedings were filed against them, the Hacketts have settled with the TelexFree Trustee.

Zeek Rewards victim distributions top 81% recovery

The Zeek Rewards Receiver has provided an update on last partial distribution payments. In his April 20th update, the Receiver states:

IRS’ $429 million claim puts TelexFree victim payouts at risk

Although claim dispute filings continue to clog the TelexFree case docket, litigation between the Trustee and IRS is likely the reason no claim distributions have gone out. We’ve known about the IRS’ claims against the Trustee for a while, but today is the first time we examine the case and what it potentially means for [Continue reading…]

Carlos Wanzeler arrested in Brazil on US warrant

Just days after the Supreme Court rejected his citizenship appeal, Brazilian authorities have arrested Carlos Wanzeler. Things are moving far more quickly than anticipated.

Carlos Wanzeler loses citizenship appeal, extradition next

Carlos Wanzeler has lost his citizenship appeal, finally paving the way for extradition to the US.