Daniil Shoyfer has been dismissed from the TelexFree class-action.

The dismissal was ordered per a judgment of dismissal filed on June 9th.

TelexFree class-action Plaintiffs scored an early win against Shoyfer, securing a preliminary injunction and asset-freeze back in 2016.

In October 2019 the First Circuit ruled that the TelexFree Trustee ‘has the exclusive jurisdiction and standing to pursue promoter claims’.

This prompted Shoyfer (right) to file a motion to dismiss in December 2019.

The court granted Shoyfer’s motion in February 2020.

As per a May 25th filed motion seeking entry of judgment of dismissal, Shoyfer’s attorney writes;

Despite the Electronic Order dismissing the case against Mr. Shoyfer, this Honorable Court’s writ of attachment continues to encumber Mr. Shoyfer’s assets and a formal Judgment of Dismissal is necessary to dissolve the writ.

Accordingly, the defense is respectfully requests this Honorable Court to issue the attached Judgment of Dismissal to formally dismiss the case against Mr. Shoyfer and to dissolve this Honorable Court’s writ of attachment.

The court granted Shoyfer’s motion on June 9th.

As per previously filed affidavits, Shoyfer was crowned TelexFree’s “number one recruiter in New York”.

Shoyfer, who worked as an occupational therapist prior to promoting Ponzi schemes, is believed to have used stolen TelexFree investor funds to purchase multiple properties.

Whether the TelexFree Trustee was able to claw anything back from Shoyfer is unclear.