telexfree-logoSo weak was Faith Sloan’s case for requesting a carve-out of $30,800 in suspected stolen Ponzi funds, that the Judge signing the order didn’t even bother to provide a reason for its denial.

On May 17th Judge Gorton denied Sloan’s second carve-out request with a scribbled “motion denied”, dated and signed.

faith-sloan-motion-denied-telexfree-sec-caseSloan had requested $30,800 currently frozen through a preliminary injunction granted against her in May 2014.

Sloan offered up no proof to back her claim that the $30,800 was untainted. She also cited criminal litigation that had no bearing in the SEC’s civil case against her.

In response to Sloan’s carve-out request the SEC pointed out as much. In a second sur-reply to the request, the regulator went a step further and accused Sloan of lying and wasting the court’s time.

In denying Sloan’s carve-out request, it appears Judge Gorton agreed.

Sloan meanwhile is busy promoting 5000 Families and Divvee on Facebook, with a post made 3 hours ago stating:


5000 Families is of particular concern, as it’s a cash gifting scheme believed to be run by Sloan herself.

Naturally this would be in violation of the 2014 preliminary injunction, which prohibits Sloan from further engaging in acts of fraud.

At the time of publication the SEC has yet to take any additional action against her.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Gorton’s May 17th order.