Bank of America has prevailed in a filed motion for summary judgment against the TelexFree class-action Plaintiffs.

In its motion, Bank of America argued

its actions caused no harm and that, if it did, its actions were not a “substantial factor” in furthering the fraud that harmed the plaintiffs.

The court agreed, finding Bank of America’s

liability rested on a single transaction, made after March 9, 2014, creating a very narrow theory of plausible liability.

As I understand it, the court’s decision effectively dismisses Bank of America as a Defendant in the case.

In related news, on June 20th the court granted motions requesting Entry of Default against Ana Paula Oliveira, Bank Card Consultants, Inc., Priority Payout, Corp, Thomas A. Wells and John Yurick.

Later that same day Judge Hillman issued standing orders on anticipated motions for default judgment, which as I understand it have yet to be filed.

On June 23rd two more defendants, Mauricio Cardenas and Michael Montalvo, joined the long list of defendants who’ve entered into mediation proceedings.