Several Defendants in the ongoing TelexFree class-action have entered mediation proceedings.

On June 12th, the court referred the following Defendants to engage in mediation proceeds led by Magistrate Judge Hennessy.

  • James M. Merrill (TelexFree co-founder, right with Carlos Wanzeler (L))
  • Steven M. Labriola (TelexFree International Marketing Director)
  • Katia B. Wanzeler (wife of TelexFree co-founder and wanted fugitive Carlos Wanzeler)
  • Gerald P. Nehra (US lawyer who rubber-stamped TelexFree’s fraud)
  • Gerald P. Nehra Attorney at Law, PLLC, Law offices of Nehra and Waak (Nehra’s law firms)
  • Garvey Schubert Barer, P.C. (another firm Plaintiffs allege helped TelexFree run its Ponzi scheme)
  • Robert Weaver (TelexFree attorney)
  • Samuel C. Kauffman (TelexFree attorney)
  • Gary P. Tober (TelexFree attorney)
  • Sara P. Sandford (TelexFree attorney)
  • Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
  • Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
  • International Payout Systems, Inc.
  • Edwin Gonzalez (President of International Payout Systems)
  • Natalia Yenatska (CFO of International Payout Systems)
  • Propay, Inc.
  • Vantage Payments LLC
  • Dustin Sparman (owner of Vantage Payments)
  • AlliedWallet, Inc.
  • Allied Wallet, Ltd.
  • Ahmad Khawaja (founder of Allied Wallet) and
  • Mohammad Diab (Allied Wallet executive)

On June 13th The Estate of Jeffrey Babener, also a defendant, asked to be included in mediation proceedings.

In related news, on June 7th Plaintiffs also filed for Entry of Defaults against several defendants:

  • Ana Paula Oliveira (TelexFree staff, marketing management, sales and finance)
  • Bank Card Consultants, INC.
  • John Yurick (Bank Card Consultants owner)
  • Priority Payout Corp.
  • Thomas A. Wells (Priority Payout CEO) and

As at time of publication the Court Clerk has not entered the requested Entry of Defaults.

The TelexFree class-action is a civil lawsuit dating back to May 2014.

Parallel to concluded civil and mostly concluded criminal proceedings (Wanzeler’s extradition to the US remains pending), Plaintiffs are Waldemara Martins and Leandro Valentim seek to hold multiple defendants for their role in TelexFree.

As of June 14th, there are 1638 individual filings in the ongoing case.