Success Factory has received a pyramid scheme warning from the Central Bank of Russia.

As per the Central Bank’s August 31st warning, Success Factory exhibits “signs of a pyramid scheme”.

Success Factory is the marketing arm of the DagCoin Ponzi scheme.

Think OneCoin and OneLife, which isn’t surprising seeing as DagCoin was launched by former OneCoin scammer Nils Grossberg.

Sitting at the top of the DagCoin promoter hierarchy are Igor Alberts and Andrea Cimbala (below with BusinessForHome’s Ted Nuyten).

Alberts and Cimbala reside in the Netherlands. The married couple are believed to have stolen millions through OneCoin and DagCoin.

At the time of publication Alexa ranks top sources of traffic to Success Factory’s website as Saudi Arabia (46%), the UAE (14%) and Canada (12%).

Iran is the only notable source of traffic to DagCoin’s website, accounting for 17% of visits.