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Success By Health prelim injunction upheld (FTC not racist)

Jay Noland’s attempt to have the Success By Health preliminary injunction overturned has been denied. In favor of dissolving the injunction, Noland had argued that a yet to be heard Supreme Court case meant previous Ninth Circuit rulings could no longer be considered “good law”.

VOZ Travel added to FTC’s Success By Health fraud case

The FTC has added VOZ Travel to the list of defendants in its Success By Health fraud lawsuit. VOZ Travel was added as per a second amended complaint, filed on September 23rd.

FTC’s Success By Health lawsuit survives motion to dismiss

The FTC’s Success By Health fraud lawsuit has survived a motion to dismiss. The Success By Health Plaintiffs (SBH Plaintiffs) filed a motion to dismiss back on July 28th.

Jay Noland unlikely to get Enhanced Capital Funding funds

A tentative ruling has signaled it is unlikely Jay Noland will gain access to ~$450,000 tied up in Enhanced Capital Funding. Enhanced Capital Funding (ECF) appears to be a shell company partially owned by Noland. The FTC asserts Noland owns 80% of ECF, with the remaining 20% owned by his wife Lina.

Jay Noland dodges NetForce contempt sanctions… for now

Jay Noland has dodged contempt sanctions for violating his NetForce Seminars fraud injunction. The FTC sued Noland and NetForce Seminars back in 2000. NetForce Seminars was found to be a pyramid scheme and an injunction prohibiting Noland from engaging in any pyramid sales scheme” was issued. The FTC sued Noland and Success By Health for [Continue reading…]

Success by Health’s attorney bails for reasons unknown

On March 23rd Success by Health’s attorneys filed a motion to withdraw. At the time attorneys represented the Success by Health corporate entities, as well individual defendants James D Noland, Jr, Lina Noland, Thomas Sacca and Scott Harris. Stated reasons in the withdrawal motion are as follows: 1. The clients have failed to substantially fulfill [Continue reading…]

Success By Health preliminary injunction granted, FTC wins

A court has granted the FTC’s request for a preliminary injunction against Success By Health and owner Jay Noland.

95% of Success By Health’s revenue was non-retail

On January 13th, as part of a TRO granted to the FTC, the court appointed a Success By Health Receiver. On February 10 the Receiver filed her first report on the business.

Success By Health prelim injunction decision next week

A February 21st order has revealed a decision on the Success By Health preliminary injunction is likely next week. The note was part of an order granting Success By Health’s motion to supplement the record:

Success By Health a $7 million pyramid scheme, alleges FTC

Earlier today, someone claiming to be an “industry observer” tried to convince me that affiliate autoship wasn’t a problem within Success By Health. No idea if it’s a coincidence or not, but later the same day it emerged the FTC had filed a pyramid scheme lawsuit against the company.