The FTC’s Success by Health and NetForce cases have been consolidated as per a July 26th order.

A January 2023 trial date has also been scheduled.

Although Success by Health and NetForce are two separate companies, they are linked through defendant Jay Noland.

Citing scamming dating back to the 1990s, the FTC filed suit against Noland’s NetForce pyramid scheme in 2000.

NetForce Seminars was found to be a pyramid scheme. The case was resolved in 2002 via an injunction prohibiting Noland from engaging in any pyramid sales scheme”.

Noland launched Success by Health in 2017.

The FTC sued Success By Health in January 2020, alleging Noland was again running a pyramid scheme.

In addition to the stand-alone Success by Health allegation, the FTC claims, by running Success by Health, Noland has violated the NetForce injunction.

Both cases are messy. The court has refused to sanction Noland for the alleged violations, pushing the matter towards trial.

The Success by Health case was derailed by the Supreme Court’s AMG decision last year. In siding with scammers, the Supreme Court complicated existing litigation against suspected pyramid schemes brought by the FTC.

There’s been a lot of back and forth between the parties over the past two years. With settlement looking unlikely, the court has ordered joint NetForce and Success by Health trial proceedings to begin on January 25th, 2023.

A settlement could yet be reached but, at least for now, the FTC and Success by Health defendants have dug their heels in.


Update 5th February 2023 – Noting the FTC v. Success by Health bench trial kicked off on January 25th as scheduled.

As of February 3rd, the trial is continued till February 6th. I’m monitoring weekly.


Update 12th February 2023 – The SBH trial concluded on February 8th. Waiting on a judgment ruling from the court.