speak-asia-online-logoMuch has been made of the links between the two scams Mister Colibri and Speak Asia.

Mister Colibri is a recruitment scam currently operating in Brazil that was founded by Seven Rings International, funded by founders Manoj Kumar and Elia de Prisco (named as primary investors and co-founders by Mister Colibri members).

Manoj Kumar today serves as the CEO of Speak Asia, currently being investigated in India for running the “largest MLM fraud in Indian history”, as per the Economic Offenses Wing, who are just one of the many government agencies investigating the company.

Meanwhile Elia de Prisco is pretty much the public face of Mister Colibri in Brazil and appears to be running things over there.

Both men serve on the management team over at Seven Rings International, but despite these strong links, Manoj Kumar insists on denying that he has any involvement in Mister Colibri, through parent company Seven Rings International or otherwise.

Prior to Speak Asia being launched in 2010 and Mister Colibri in 2011, Seven Rings International was active in India under the guise of Seven Rings International Limited.

Seven Rings International Limited, like Speak Asia and Mister Colibri, paid out the bulk of its commissions on the recruitment of new members upon payment of membership fees.

Needless to say the opportunity was short-lived and is now non-existent. Instead, Seven Rings International now serves as the parent company for Mister Colibri, the AdMatrix (an earlier scam upon which Mister Colibri was modelled) and Speak Asia.

It is widely believed the company launders members money through its various operational scams around the world using  companies (some known, others not) owned by the various members of the Seven Rings management team.

To date Seven Rings’ known money laundering efforts have been linked to Singapore, Italy, Brazil, the British Virgin Islands, India and Holland.

Looking back even further at Seven Rings International’s efforts in India, today I came across an interesting article from the November 2007 edition of the Business Diary linking Elia de Prisco to a one Mr. Ram Nivas Pal.

Interesting in the sense that Ram Nivas Pal is the prime candidate for ownership of Speak Asia in India (at least publicly).

Ram Nivas Pal’s brother, Ram Sumiran Pal notably ran the AdMatrix scam in India, before the company shut and Sumiran Pal, along with his brother, went into hiding. The AdMatrix scam of course being the original model for the Mister Colibri scam in Brazil (same website code, same business model, same YouTube videos, same recruitment scam).

Here we have the co-founder of Mister Colibri working with the founder (or possible one of the co-founders) of Speak Asia way back in 2007, under the banner Seven Rings International.

The same Seven Rings International who own Mister Colibri and serves as the parent company of Speak Asia in India, with Elia de Prisco on the management team of Speak Asia and the Business Diary article naming Ram Nivas Pal as a “founder member” of Seven Rings International.

Meanwhile Manoj Kumar continues to deny any and all involvement between these companies and even his own personal involvement. Despite being linked to all three companies as either an investor, CEO or serving as management.

The more astute of you will also note that the photo from the above article was taken in Goa, at a Seven Rings training event. The same Goa that Speak Asia held it’s ‘GenX Bazaar’ in last year.

It seems scammy business models isn’t the only thing Seven Rings recycle, they also recycle venues to promote their scams at too.

With the major players in Seven Rings being intrinsically linked dating back to 2007, it’s clear that Seven Rings International’s current known scams have been long in the planning pipeline.

Currently Speak Asia are non-operational  and are involved in court action that seeks to legalize Ponzi schemes in India. It’s founder, Ram Nivas Pal and Indian CEO Manoj Kumar remain in hiding and are wanted by the police in India for questioning.

Last I heard Mister Colibri was having payment problems and the website was not working (I’m not sure what the current status of the company is). Elia de Prisco I believe is still running things from Brazil (although this isn’t verified).

Does anyone really believe there’s no business links between Speak Asia, Mister Colibri, the AdMatrix, Manoj Kumar, Elia de Prisco, Ram Nivas Pal, Ram Sumiran Pal and Seven Rings International?

I’m sure back in 2007 the members of Seven Rings International Limited thought they were part of a legitimate company too, although Seven Rings probably used different terminology to “consumer empowerment” and “precision marketing” to suck them in.

Where is that company and its members now?


Update 2nd February 2012 – On page 2 of the Business Diary, Ram Nivas Pal reveals he made 95 lakhs ($193,000 USD) through Seven Rings International.

Pal claims he was able to do this because he ‘trusted the company beyond any doubt’.

Sound familiar? It should, it’s the same line that you’ll find Speak Asia’s senior panelists and management using to keep their members believing in the scam.

Another point of interest is that the article mentions that Seven Rings International Limited

is controlled by four Directors. Mr. Antonio Grasso is the Chairman (and) Mr Andrea Riccio, Mr Corrado Lantieri and Mr. Elia de Prisco are Directors.

Corrado Lantieri of course being the public face of Mister Colibri (he lists himself as the Director of Mister Colibri on LinkedIn), alongside his partner Elia de Prisco.

Additionally Elia de Prisco also mentions that Seven Rings’

business in Mauritious is very good. In Russia too we are doing well. Now we are poised to commence our business in China and Europe as well.

Whether de Prisco was just telling porky pies or Seven Rings International did actually get around to scamming people in Mauritious, Russia and China remains unknown.

This flier in Russian certainly seems to indicate that Elia de Prisco attempted to get something off the ground in Russia,

but the extent and success of Seven Ring’s scam efforts there (if any) is unclear.

The email address “noviypotok@mail.ru” is currently being used by a Tatiana Koloskov (English) to promote a cleaning company operating out of “Timiryazev” in Russia.