speak-asia-online-logoI’ve been following Speak Asia for a while now on BehindMLM, and whilst the coverage has mostly been negative, as expected when you’re dealing with a ponzi scheme, there have been moments of positivity.

These moments have come mostly in the form of YouTube video releases from Speak Asia’s CEO Manoj Kumar. Promising a wide variety of things, with the end of 2011 just around the corner, I thought it’d be worthwhile to hedge the credibility of Kumar going forward into 2012, based on his performance in 2011.

So how has Kumar stacked up?

1. “I’ll see you soon in Mumbai”

Back on the 30th July 2011, Manoj Kumar made a YouTube response video to the then recent arrest of Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai. In his address, Kumar stated

Friends, I’m so going to be back amongst all of you in India.

I, Manoj Kumar promise I will lead you from the front. I thank you, and I’ll see you soon in Mumbai.

As we all know, this never eventuated. Since fleeing the company in May, Manoj Kumar (photo right) has remained in hiding overseas and on the run from Indian authorities.

One reason constantly trotted out to explain Kumar’s absence and continued embracing of his newfound fugitive lifestyle, is that Speak Asia’s lawyers have advised him not to return to India.

Naturally the reason for this is the fear that Kumar will be arrested. Even if this did happen though, surely if Kumar wasn’t guilty of anything it’d simply be a brief matter of explaining this and discrediting the EOW’s (and any other agency’s) evidence infront of a judge and getting on with the business of running Speak Asia?

The police, no matter who they are cannot simply hold you under arrest unless they have evidence enough to charge you with something. Evidence which has to be proven in court and presented before a judge.

Surely if Kumar has ‘not committed any crimes’, as he alleges in the same video, then he’s got nothing to worry about?

Regardless, the fact remains that Kumar made a very public promise to return to India ‘soon’ five months ago now, and this was not kept.

2. ‘We will set up an Indian office’

In the same 30th July YouTube video from promise #1, Kumar also tells viewers that Speak Asia is ‘formalizing its India operations by applying for opening offices in Mumbai‘, after which the company will ‘open up five zones across India‘.

To date, Speak Asia still has no formal office in India nor were five zones ever established.

To the best of my knowledge, neither Manoj Kumar nor Speak Asia ever put out a formal explanation as to why neither of these events occurred.

3. The government of Bangladesh has ‘approved the (Speak Asia’s) business model’ and that business operations will start there in December

These two claims were made in Manoj Kumar’s October YouTube “interview” in Abu Dhabi.

The first claim is that Bangladesh has approved Speak Asia’s business model (or more likely, the product based business model they never used, but tell everyone is their business model).

As far as I can tell, no government body or official in Bangladesh has come forward and announced approval of Speak Asia’s business model.

With just one day left to go in December, neither have any official Speak Asia business operations commenced in Bangladesh either.

Black-iz reported that back in early November

Head Office will be declared when our Bangladeshi website will be launched but there is a information center at Mirpur-12 DOHS, Road No- 6, House No-114/115 (2nd floor).

In future this office could announce as a Regional office but still it is not a legal office of Speak Asia Online Bangladesh Ltd.

To date there doesn’t appear to be any official Speak Asia Bangladesh website. Infact, exactly what is going on regarding any Speak Asia operations in Bangladesh appears to be a bit of a mystery.

Persons unknown have set up the domain speakasiabd.com but this has been sitting dormant for a while now. There is also a forum (listing over 4000 member accounts) and e-ticketing support system attached to this domain.

A list of supposed Speak Asia Bangladesh management was also recently published on Facebook;

Speak Asia Online Bangladesh Ltd. Management Body:

Chairman – Cornell Nur Uddin

Global Managing Director – Mr. Ajoy Kumar Sarker

CEO Bangladesh – Major Faysol

MD Bangladesh – Md. Mahamud & many of others.

Meanwhile this Facebook page for Speak Asia Bangladesh is currently blaming some guy called ‘Mr. Raju’ for the delays and promising a Speak Asia Bangladesh start in the first fifteen days of January.

Ridwan Mahmud: Today i just got another disappointing news about speak asia….one of my friend visit speak asia’s office…. And management body told him that call center will open on first week of january and ad will publish within 10-15 january….

I think there might be some problem continues at Speak Asia bd which management body does not want to disclose to us…..For this they just provide date after date…

i think nothing will happen within 10-15 jan…. after 15th jan they will definitely give another date.. and it will continue until the problem is solved….

As we are part of speak asia they can at least share with us about their internal problem.. but i don’t know what the hell is going on their mind….

Really this is not a sign of good management ….. I thing rickshaw pulling will be more suitable job for them..

Speak Asia Online Bangladesh Ltd. (Consumer Empowerment): they are facing lots of problem what was create by mr. raju.

One thing is clear that Speak Asia is coming with all legal documents & all necessary logistic support for panelist. Real third generation people (student + educated) will be beneficiary .

The referenced ‘Mr. Raju’ they are talking about I believe is Azis Raju, a senior panelist with Speak Asia arrested earlier this year for their involvement in the company.

Either way, whatever the specific reasons – Manoj Kumar’s assurance that the government of Bangladesh approved Speak Asia’s business model and that business operations would commence in December is yet another broken promise.

4. Speak Asia has approached the UK government regarding business operations

Mentioned in the Abu Dhabi video, to date nothing has surfaced indicating any connection or relationship between Speak Asia and the UK government anywhere.

For all we know, Kumar pulled this one straight out of his behind.

5. both the UK and Bangladesh governments ‘have welcomed us (Speak Asia) with open arms

The complete non-existence of UK Speak Asia operations aside, the claim that the Bangladesh government has welcomed Speak Asia with open arms is obviously false.

This is evidenced by the constant delays in starting business operations there, lack of a formal office and at this stage lack of any sort of official web presence.

6. Speak Asia will be one of the ‘major corporates of India’

Again made in the Abu Dhabi video, as it stands now, Speak Asia is not even registered in India, let alone considered one of India’s ‘major corporates’.

7. “I have no investment in Mister Colibri”

This claim was made in response to my own research and several media reports made over the last week or so citing the EOW as having investigated the Manoj Kumar / Mister Colibri link and taking it seriously.

From my side of things, just over a month ago I was contacted by someone in Brazil asking me to look into Mister Colibri and the similarities between the company and AdMatrix.

Whilst researching Mister Colibri, I then came across the website ‘ColibriMakeMoney’ (now offline), run by Mister Colibri member Lilian Oliveira. Oliveira credited Manoj Kumar as being ‘an investor‘ who provided ‘the initial capital (millions of dollars invested in this project) for creating this platform and the marketing strategy’.

In a video released from locations unknown and uploaded via an anonymous YouTube account, Manoj Kumar denied Oliveira’s claims stating

They say that I have invested in Colibri, if they have worked so hard, why can’t they go to the ROC of brazil which can be done on the net also and they can easily find out that who are the promoters of the company. I am surely not the promoter.

They are local people from Brazil; I have no investment in the said company, not even a single naya paisa.

Leaving aside the fact that nobody said Kumar was a promoter of Mister Colibri, the flat denial of having an investment in the company is highly suspect, if not a straight-faced lie.

First and foremost is the fact that Manoj Kumar is listed as being on the management team of Seven Rings International.

Mister Colibri is indeed owned by Seven Rings International. This is evident from Oliveira’s claims on ColibriMakeMoney that Elia De Prisco is the creator of Mister Colibri.

Elia De Prisoco also serves on the management team of Seven Rings International.

Furthermore when paying membership fees to Mister Colibri, ‘Seven Rings International FTZCO’ appears as the merchant you are paying to:

and if you pay by credit card, Seven Rings International appears on your statement:

Undoubtedly, Seven Rings International are running Mister Colibri.

With Manoj Kumar serving on the management team of Seven Rings, he wants us to not only believe he has no investment in the company (despite Oliveira having no reason to lie about it), but also that Kumar is in no way involved with Mister Colibri?


As you can see, the credibility of Manoj Kumar is decidedly doubtful. Time and time again he’s appeared on YouTube making wild claims about Speak Asia and more recently the EOW’s claims against himself, which directly contradict the evidence before us.

Not only that, but Kumar does so whilst remaining on the run as a fugitive hiding from Indian authorities.

In the interest of fairness, I’ll conclude by acknowledging that the lack of credibility regarding deadlines surrounding Speak Asia and associated activities is not solely restricted to the promises of Manoj Kumar.

Back in August of this year India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) ‘asked (the) SFIO (Serious Fraud Investigation Office) to further investigate Speak Asia‘.

The SFIO investigation presumably began shortly thereafter. The last update we got was back in Mid November, when a MCA official stated that

The SFIO report should be out in December. The ministry (MCA) feels the culprits will be nailed after that.

Whether this report was finalised or not remains unclear and if it wasn’t, the reason(s) why is/are not currently known. As of yet though, no government agency has filed any criminal charges against Speak Asia itself in court.

The EOW’s investigation into Speak Asia as we all know is still ongoing.

Both sides of this ponzi scheme battle-royale have missed self-imposed deadlines but whilst the SFIO missing the expected December deadline to finish their report in Speak Asia, it is the multiple broken promises and completely unproven claims of CEO Manoj Kumar that stick out the most.

If what you present as fact can so easily be repeatedly proven wrong time and time again, sooner or later people will just start to automatically dismiss anything you have to say.

The way I see it, if Kumar really believed his innocence in all of this and the validity of Speak Asia’s recruitment driven business model, he’d be willing enough to answer any and all questions the authorities had of him.

Furthermore, he’d be doing so in India in full view of the public eye. Or, I suppose Kumar can just keep on doing what he’s been previously doing.

That is, make another fake YouTube account in a few days and upload a video telling us that the above promises were infact not broken, because Kumar personally doesn’t have a YouTube account to upload the videos, so how could he have possibly made the promises himself?

If Kumar doesn’t personally have a YouTube account, then of course it stands to reason that YouTube itself doesn’t exist… and by the logic neither does the internet, because Manoj Kumar personally didn’t create it.

Infact you and me don’t exist either… I know I’ve never personally met Manoj Kumar, have you?


Footnote: Whilst I appreciate that Speak Asia’s activities mostly affect Indians in India, please respect that this is an English blog. Comments in Hindi will not be published.

Neither will any comments that are deemed nonsensical or a rehash of discussion points and arguments that have already been dismissed.