speak-asia-online-logoDespite vehemently denying the fact that Speak Asia wasn’t just making up its surveys and relying on new membership fees to generate profit, it has come to light that Speak Asia’s surveys were indeed ‘sourced mostly from Wikipedia and other sites on the Internet‘.

A far cry from the corporate clients the company claimed to have and subsequently vowed to protect the names of in the interest of competition.

Although Speak Asia supporters claim investigations by the EOW are going nowhere and have assured themselves of a landslide victory in court over the next few weeks, evidence to the contrary continues to inconveniently surface.

The latest is the arrest of web designing firm Brand Saloon Inc owner, Nayan Khandor. Following his arrest, Khandor confessed

he was aware that the surveys he was doing for Speak Asia were not being used for any genuine purpose.

Speak Asia used to pay him anything between Rs 30,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh per survey.

In a nutshell, in order to keep their scam going and get new members on board, Speak Asia would provide Khandor with

a list of topics that were to be considered for future surveys.

The topics included use of scooters, deodorants, talcum powder, washing machines, power saving etc

Khandor and his team would search information related to the above topics on Wikipedia and other sites on the Internet and prepare a survey.

Corporate clients? Sure guys.

Interestingly, once Khandor finished his fake surveys he didn’t send them back to Speak Asia. Instead, he sent them off to Seven Rings India or Tulsiantek.

Seven Rings Education Private Limited and Tulsient Information Systems are both companies with involvement by Speak Asia’s Indian CEO, Manoj Sharma Kumar.

Seven Rings International appear to be playing an ever increasing important role in the operation of Speak Asia – just days ago they were implicated as a vessel to shift money around from Singapore by the CID.

In acting as a shell company to launder money through, Seven Rings is not alone – fellow scam company AdMatrix were also implicated in Speak Asia’s money trail back in August.

Speak Asia, AdMatrix and Seven Rings International… there definitely seems to be a financial connection between these three companies – but to what end?

Today I attempt to put an answer on that very question.

To begin, let’s take a look at Speak Asia’s public CEO’s, Harendar Kaur and Manoj Sharma Kumar.

Harendar Kaur operates out of Singapore (although she is now rumoured to be hiding in Dubai), and seems to have been brought on board solely as part of Speak Asia.

Kaur owns Haren Ventures, which had a string of failed previous business ventures until she came on board Speak Asia.

As far as I can tell, there’s no connection between Harendar Kaur and Seven Rings or AdMatrix.

Given the lack of apparent personal involvement and seeming disconnect over the management of Speak Asia by Kaur, other than acting as a vessel through which to funnel money through, I’d take an educated guess she’s nothing more than a figurehead.

In the months following Speak Asia’s regulatory troubles, the only word from Harendar Kaur has been a handful of signed letters published online (which may or may not be accurate).

As far as I know, Harendar Kaur hasn’t been seen or heard from outside of these letters since May 2011.

Manoj Kumar’s association on the other hand, started sometime back in 2007 as part of the management group of Seven Rings International.

Listed as ‘ManojKumar Renu Sharma’, along with a ‘Dharamveer ManojKumar’ and ‘Manmohan Mehrotra Rajiv’, the trio appear to be responsible for bringing Seven Rings International to India under the name of ‘Seven Rings Education Private’ operating out of the now defunct ‘sevenrings.biz’.

(I’m not entirely sure of the source of that list, but it appears to be a government directory of registered business names and corresponding registration numbers).

As far as Speak Asia goes, Kumar was overnight announced as the CEO on May 15th of this year.

Prior to that he was pretty much unknown publicly, however he was operating in a management capacity as early as February 2010 as Khandor also confessed that he ‘met SpeakAsia CEO Manoj Sharma in February 2010 (and) was given the task of creating e-surveys and e-magazines for the firm‘.

Kumar’s appointment as Indian CEO is important as firstly it raised the question of ‘why would a company solely operating in India need a global CEO and Indian CEO?’

This pretty much confirmed that Harendar Kaur’s title was nothing more than a figurehead position with no real authority within the company.

Secondly, as seen on Bloomberg UTV’s ‘Exposed’ show, it confirmed what this gentleman had to say regarding the operation of Speak Asia.

From around 2:30 into the following video, the unnamed ponzi scheme operator details how he starts the schemes ‘only as a consultant‘ because ‘if there is a problem, then no one will be able to find me‘.

At around 9:30, he goes into the operations behind Indian ponzi schemes some more, emphasisng that ‘as a promoter, it’s important not to reveal your true role in the company‘ under any circumstances.

12:30 into the program, they start to talk specifically about Speak Asia. The interviewee (who is being interviewed in Mumbai of all places), claims

the leader of Speak Asia is staying in Mumbai only. Today he has collected 1000 cr.

The franchisees have been caught and the mastermind is still in Mumbai.

He goes on to accuse Harendar Kaur of just being a ‘dummy‘ (or figurehead as I proposed).

At 17:20, AdMatrix is then introduced as a company started by the brother of the Speak Asia mastermind. The interviewee claims the person behind AdMatrix is hiding in a hotel ‘because he cannot stay at home‘.

Brothers, AdMatrix, Seven Rings International, Speak Asia and being at the near top of the company downline, without giving away your position in the company…

…there’s two brothers that link all of this together perfectly.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Ram Sumiran Pal (photo right), his brother Ram Niwas Pal and their associate and friend, Satish Pal.

Starting with Seven Rings International, Satish Pal was promoting that in March 2007, just a month and a half after the Seven Rings India website (sevenrings.biz) was registered (Jan 30th).

Allowing for some time to set the business up, this places Satish Pal quite high up the distributor list of Seven Rings.

Seven Rings International was purportedly based in Italy, but only operated in India. This fits the ‘pretend a company is offshore but run it locally’ methodology described in the Bloomberg video perfectly.

Unfortunately, Seven Rings International used a recruitment driven compensation plan (matrix and paired binary) similar to Speak Asia and no doubt died a slow death.

The company Seven Rings International is still registered in India today.

Fast forward to 2010 and we see the launch of Speak Asia. Only this time it’s Satish’s friend, Ram Niwas Pal who is in the ‘frontline’ so to speak.

AISPA’s ‘anju agarwal’ even goes so far as to suggest the Pals (Sumiran and Niwas) are the first members in the Speak Asia downline,

I can also say ,with all the talk i keep hearing,that the pal’s are only franchisees, albeit rich successful franchisees.

when speakasia was launched they were probably offered the first franchisee ship and they happily accepted.

Curiously she also states that

they had the EAR of the company management but nonetheless they are only franchisees.

They have worked with manoj kumar in his sevenrings venture and probably got along like a house on fire.

No doubt, but really… the had the ear of company management? Could it be because they were the ones actually running things?

Moving on to AdMatrix, Ram Sumiran Pal’s heavy involvement is no secret. Ram’s wife, Preeti Pal announced herself and Ram were ‘doing AdMatrix’ back in March this year.

Various other sources clearly show that Preeti and Ram Sumiran were more than just members of AdMatrix.

On ConsumerForums they are listed as ‘top leaders‘, again fitting the model of not presenting yourself as management despite running the scam.

On the same page, a Vipin Sharma claims

weekly ads are stopped from last week,the mobile sms service is stopped, Mumbai office is closed there is no one answer the querries the man (Mr Ram pal Mob no 09004444400) who is responsible for all lead role now absconding from Mumbai.

Responsible for all lead role? Sounds pretty high up and absconding from Mumbai…? Could it be Ram Sumiran Pal is hiding in a hotel as the Bloomberg report interviewee claimed?

Ajay Govind over at Internet Work Marketing confirms that Ram Sumiran Pal and his wife have indeed fled;

Also, all offices in India closed down. Mr. Ram & his wife Priti are not to be seen.

Finally, there’s a post over at the Daily Bhaskar (in Hindi), which BehindMLM reader ‘Observer’ claims that

it is commented in Hindi that Ram’s wife Preeti Ram Pal was running Admatrix administration from her office and also collecting cash payments there.

With AdMatrix crashing down, we’ve got a solid reason for Ram Sumiran and his wife Preeti to be hiding in a Mumbai hotel and ‘unable to return home’ as the interviewee stated on Exposed.

Ram Sumiran and Ram Niwas’s associate, Ram Satish Pal hasn’t publicly been linked to Speak Asia but he did join his friend Ram Sumiran’s ‘Speak Asia Support’ group on the Palkut social network, indicating he’s got a vested interest in the company.

You could argue that he only joined the group to support his friend, but on Satish’s own personal profile, he also has published links to various pro Speak Asia media.

Ram Sumiran’s brother, Ram Niwas Pal himself isn’t publicly known within Speak Asia as he’s kept a low profile.

No doubt however high Ram Sumiran sits on Speak Asia’s distributor list, you can bet that Ram Niwas is however somewhere above him, if not at the top itself.

As it stands, we’ve got one gentlemen on ‘Exposed’ who made a whole bunch of claims, all of which appear to be verifiable on their own through a variety of sources.

These sources don’t paint a complete enough picture on their own, but when combined with eachother present a pretty convincing case.

What’s more probable, that Ram Sumiran and his brother Ram Niwas just happen to be involved at a top distributor level in Speak Asia, AdMatrix and Seven Rings International (all of which the EOW has traced money through which makes no sense seeing as public management of Speak Asia and Seven Rings is unrelated to AdMatrix), or that they are indeed, as the interviewee on Exposed (who clearly seems to know what he’s talking about given the depth of knowledge he displays in Indian ponzi schemes), are running things?

I’m a big fan of the simplest explanation and it’s quite obvious that the Pals have had a finger in each of the three previously financially unrelated companies following the discovery of a money trail between the three.

Furthermore why on Earth would Khandor have to send surveys off to Seven Rings instead of directly to Speak Asia?

Could it be that in doing so, Speak Asia’s management could claim with a straight face that they did indeed have corporate clients (Seven Rings themselves, even though they are being run by the same person(s))?

Harendar Kaur is a puppet and we haven’t heard anything from Manoj Kumar since he went into hiding overseas and last promised to come to Mumbai back in late July.

Meanwhile somebody has to be running things and all signs are pointing to Ram Niwas Pal, Ram Sumiran Pal and his wife Preeti Pal, operating things from a hotel somewhere in Mumbai.

I’ll leave you with this quote from a ‘korectit’, published four months ago in response to a YouTube video;

Dear Viewer

I know Ram Pal from his days in to mlm

Is is the person how has a vision for making big money at the expenses of other.

He 1st promoted Mango with Holand as it based. Then Seven Ring & then through his brother Sumiran Pal Speak asia.

If you go through the Management of all the 3 company it will be brother and sister of the same family.

They are fraudster and the company will close after looting india.

Despite being published four months ago now, korectit paints a pretty accurate picture of a secnario that has since been verified through investigations by the EOW and third parties publishing snippets of information on other unrelated websites.

Given all this, I put forward to you that through his brother, Ram Sumiran Pal, it is none other than Ram Niwas Pal who is indeed running Speak Asia.


Update 27th December 2011 – It appears there was some confusion over the names and associations between brothers Ram Sumiran Pal, Ram Niwas Pal and their friend and associate, Satish Pal.

Despite having the same surname as Ram Sumiran and Ram Niwas, Satish Pal contacted BehindMLM on 26th December 2011 categorically denying being related.

I am nowhere related, connected with Mr. Ram Sumiran Pal, leave aside being his brother.

Being acquainted doesn’t mean relation or association.

Satish Pal also denies any involvement with Speak Asia:

I have never been part of speak asia, I am at no point of time have been associates with speak asia, I have not been franchisee or even bough any membership of it.

I have also been never involved in any surveys, promotions or in any way whatsoever

What Satish Pal did not explain however is why then was he promoting Speak Asia material on his Palkut social network account.

Satish does also admitted to working with Seven Rings International:

I have worked with seven rings international as a distributor and it was a training based company from Itlay .

The owners were Elia De Prisco and Corrodo Lantieri

But then goes onto deny having ever worked with Manoj Kumar:

I have never met, not known personally nor even
worked with Mr. Manoj Kumar.

This doesn’t add up seeing as Manoj Kumar is listed as an executive of Seven Rings International, of which Satish admits he was a distributor of.

I’ve contacted Satish for clarification on the above two points and will update this article if and when he replies.

Meanwhile whilst I’m updating this article, I’ll add this recent statement from the EOW:

We have already established links between AdMatrix, Seven Rings International and SpeakAsia. Mister Colibri is the new link now. We are also looking for Pal brothers. This is a bigger scam than we initially thought it would be.”

It appears the suspicions are correct and whilst Satish Pal and Ram Niwas might have been initially mixed up, the Pal brothers (specifically Ram Niwas) are still, based on the information above and the fact the police are looking for them, top candidates for ownership of Speak Asia.