speak-asia-online-logoA few people have been wanting to link the December 27th Speak Asia CEO Manoj Kumar YouTube video but apart from the original comment on here, I’ve been nuking the others. The video Kumar uploaded was in Hindi and being an English language blog, there wasn’t really all much to discuss.

Since the video was uploaded though, between running from the EOW and dodging their phonecalls, someone over at AISPA has been kind enough to upload an English translation of Manoj Kumar’s latest YouTube rant.

As usual Manoj Kumar provides little substance, a bunch of emotive language designed to invoke the us vs. them mindset of panelists so that they only believe whatever crap the company feeds them and misdirection.

Here’s the blow-by-blow.

Do you know why we are not answering or giving out statements. Only because many of our matters are pending before the courts…. to give statements when the matter is sub judice, is nothing short of interferences in the legal process…

Before we continue, here’s the definition for sub-judice:

Under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.

As it stands, Speak Asia is involved in four court cases.

The first is Speak Asia vs the CID. After failing to serve the respondents properly, a judge has postponed this case until February. In this case, nothing is under consideration as the respondents haven’t even been heard yet.

The second and third cases are lodged in the Mumbai High Court, and are attempts by Speak Asia to stop the police from investigating them. These cases have been adjourned without a proper hearing so legally there’s nothing to consider yet.

The fourth case is the Solomon James writ. Whilst it’s alleged that mediator Ramesh Lahoti ordered all parties to maintain silence over the mediation process, it’s been widely circulated that this process is complete.

Lahoti is due to hand in a report at which point the Supreme Court will fix a hearing date. This particular case might very well be under judicial consideration… but it has nothing to do with the EOW’s statements on their criminal investigation, which has been the focus of the media over the last few days.

Kumar uses the excuse of judicial consideration to explain the lack of communications from Speak Asia, but hiding behind judicial process falls well short of explaining anything, seeing as it fails to apply to the EOW’s criminal investigation.

And just so that we’re clear here, Kumar’s next statement clearly defines that it is the recent reports about EOW’s investigation we are talking about here;

But over the last 2-3 days the reports that I have read in Mumbai mirror, Times of India and on the blog behind mlm…. these reports were the height of false allegations against the company.

All three of those articles directly reference the EOW and quote them on the progress of their criminal investigation. They have nothing to do with judicial process because as it stands, apart from the arrests of Melvin Crasto and Ashish Dandekar (which Speak Asia is not an official party to I believe), there is nothing about the EOW’s investigation that is under legal consideration.

Kumar continues,

The first allegation in this article is that all the panelists associated with the company are criminals, they are the accused because they are part of speakasia. According to them, this is as per law.

No idea what article Kumar is referencing, but as far as I can tell this has never appeared anywhere. What we have here is a blatant attempt by Kumar to invoke the us vs. them mindset of Speak Asia’s panelists which best serves the company.

Thus far the only people currently under arrest are Ashish Dandekar and Melvin Crasto. They are both being held due to evidence presented by the EOW that they are far more than just panelists to the company (or a regional director in Dandekar’s case).

I’d ask Kumar to provide a source for the above statement but I think we all know what the chances are of that happening. Y’know… non-existent judicial consideration and all that.

First they said that 100 of crores of rupees have been sent to Singapore bank and from there the money has been further sent to Latin America and Brazil thru me.

I wish to inform them that I do not hold any personal account or none of the companies where I am a part, have any banking accounts what so ever in Singapore.

So to bring any money into Singapore or further send it anywhere is not possible and the question does not arise.

Where to begin?

After the CID first froze Speak Asia’s funds, CEO Harendar Kaur filed an injunction to unfreeze the accounts which a judge granted. During this time, instead of paying panelists their dues, Kaur transfered out over 100 million USD through Haren Ventures and other associated companies.

This money was then laundered through Seven Rings International’s chain of companies, with some of the money landing in Brazil to fund Seven Ring’s latest scam, Mister Colibri.

Given that Manoj Kumar was the main investor of Mister Colibri (through Seven Rings), it stands to reason he had some control of some or all of the panelist money withdrawn out of India. He can deny this but in the absence of any other investor or an alternate source of funding, Kumar is the only name that links Speak Asia, Seven Rings International, the AdMatrix and Mister Colibri.

Furthermore Kumar is assuming we’re all morons if he believes that the fact these transfers weren’t done through his personal accounts means he’s not implicated or involved. That Kaur is a mere puppet with companies to launder money through is clear, Kumar, at least as far as Indian operations go, appears to be incharge or answerable for Seven Rings’ Indian operations.

Second thing they have said that the senior Speakasia officials own properties worth over 100 crores in and around Mumbai but they are shying away from giving any details for such properties.

Why may I ask them are they being so secretive?

This was bit of a stupid question, as the EOW already explained why. With an open criminal investigation into Speak Asia and several suspects being interrogated, any heads up or tipoff could potentially harm the investigation and seizure of assets.

By going into hiding and dodging police, Speak Asia’s officials have already shown they are willing to hamper police investigations and stall any way they can, so why make it easy for them?

Now they talk of a Mercedes car which is supposed to belong to me, i wish to inform that there is no Mercedes car registered under my name.

Again, Kumar’s simplistic explanations are almost cringeworthy. The cars could be in anyone he knows name, or even Speak Asia or an associated company’s name – who knows.

The fact of the matter is that for all intents and purposes, and as far as evidence the EOW have goes, the cars belonged to Kumar.

They talk of another company by the name of Colibri of Brazil, and yet another company by the name of Admatrix which was supposedly operating in India.

They say that I have invested in Colibri, if they have worked so hard, why can’t they go to the ROC of brazil which can be done on the net also and they can easily find out that who are the promoters of the company. I am surely not the promoter.

They are local people from Brazil; I have no investment in the said company, not even a single naya paisa.

Now this is a little more difficult to analyse as it essentially boils down to he says/she says.

I don’t know why Kumar keeps mentioning ‘They’, seeing as it was Mister Colibri member Lilian Oliveira who first revealed this information. As part of Seven Rings International, who Manoj Kumar is an executive of, she named Kumar as the prime investor of Mister Colibri in Brazil.

Oliveira, being a member of Mister Colibri has no reason to lie. Kumar on the other hand is a wanted fugitive on the run for operating the biggest ponzi scheme in Indian history.

I think there’s enough there for you to decide who’s probably lying. Furthermore Kumar insists he has no investment in the company, yet he is undoubtedly part of Seven Rings International, who in turn are running the Mister Colibri scam.

And this guy appears with a straight face on video saying he’s not an investor… No worries Manoj.

Yes, the promoter of Colibri did come to us to get the software created because my company Tulsiyant where I am the director has been creating Software for Direct Marketing Companies for the last 15 years for various direct marketing companies around the world.

This may or may not be true, but it’s irrelevant. Kumar was listed as an investor and to date nobody has made a connection between Tulsient and Mister Colibri. If there is a link however that’s quite interesting as it no doubt leaves another avenue for Mister Colibri to launder money out of Brazil when the time comes.

Regardless, Seven Rings International are running the Mister Colibri and Kumar is an executive with Seven Rings. Claiming he has no involvement is just a bald-faced lie.

Furthermore, given his comments about programming, I’d like to point out the source-code for the Mister Colibri website was clearly a clone of AdMatrix, as evidenced by the name ‘AdMatrix’ appearing in the source-code itself.

With Kumar asserting that himself, via his company Tulsient are the programmers of said website, why would they just use the AdMatrix website code for Mister Colibri.

Kumar refers to the AdMatrix as ‘another company by the name of Admatrix which was supposedly operating in India’. Now either Kumar and Tulsient did work for the AdMatrix or they didn’t.

If not, how on Earth did the AdMatrix source-code find its way over to the Mister Colibri website?

Then it gets even more bizarre:

Important to note is that when this company approached us we were already working with speakasia. So there was a conflict of interest and that is why we could not work on this.

After hearing their requirement we realized that as the speakasia model was hugely successful and without understanding the way Speakasia worked they wanted us to create a “ me too” model for them, which we refused as it was conflict of interest”.

This is all that is about our relation with Mr. Colibri

Again, if the above is true then why did the AdMatrix source code appear on the Mister Colibri website??

As you can see, Kumar attempting to know nothing about either the AdMatrix or Mister Colibri is just a load of horseshit that doesn’t add up.

There was one more thing written in this article that I am an investor in Colibri and according to them this was mentioned on the site of Mr. Colibri along with my photograph.

I have myself checked the site nothing of this sort appears or as ever appeared on this site. I have come to realize that a certain blog had carried this article along with my photograph.

That’s because since exposing Kumar’s involvement with Mister Colibri, Seven Rings ordered Lilian Oliveira to remove the bit mentioning Manoj Kumar (which was saved and later uploaded incase this happened), and later the entire website ‘ColibriMakeMoney’.

I am investigating who has created this and who has written that blog.

Again, Kumar makes no sense seeing as Lilian Oliveira is named in the article as the author of ColibriMakeMoney. There’s nothing to investigate, Oliveira is a Mister Colibri member who has no reason to lie or anything to gain by naming Kumar as an investor of Mister Colibri.

One more thing that is mentioned in this article is that our people simply vanished and run away, there cannot be more stupid accusation than this.

In order to make a point here…

  • Harendar Kaur – In hiding and on the run from authorities.
  • Manoj Kumar – In hiding and on the run from authorities.
  • Tarak Bajpai – In hiding and on the run from authorities.
  • Ashok Bahirwani – In hiding and on the run from authorities.
  • Ram Sumiran Pal – In hiding and on the run from authorities.
  • Ram Niwas Pal – In hiding and on the run from authorities.

As you can see, as it stands now there are no public management figures of Speak Asia who are not in hiding and on the run from the authorities. To suggest that Speak Asia’s management have done anything but run and hide is nonsense.

With the arrest of Ashish Dandekar and proof that he was operating as acting COO, as it stands we don’t even know who the senior most official of Speak Asia left in India is.

All we know is that lawyers, paid for with panelists money, continue to rock up to court and stop the police from investigating Speak Asia. Forget about answering charges against it, this is a company that doesn’t even want to be investigated, that’s how dodgy they are.

The rest of Kumar’s speech is motivational villager talk and is just fluff designed to make people feel better and secure, whilst not changing the fact that Kumar has effectively run off with their money.

Kumar knows full well that his claims are so easily challenged that it’s laughable, and this is why he continues to hide overseas and refuses to simply front up to India and be interrogated by the authorities.

Ask Speak Asia why this is so and chances are they’ll tell you this is what the lawyers have advised management to do.

But that doesn’t really answer the question does it. The immediate followup question then becomes why did the lawyers advise them to do this?

Answer: Because Speak Asia’s management know they cannot defend running the largest ponzi scheme in Indian history.

Remember, the EOW or any other agency can’t just arrest Kumar for entering India and hold him indefinitely. Like Crasto and Dandekar, they’ll need to provide proof to convince a judge to remand Kumar in custody.

If this were to happen, the deck of cards Speak Asia is built on comes crashing down. You can bet that if Kumar thinks he’s going down for the scam he’d be all too willing to give up anyone else he’s worked with too.

And that my friends it is the only reason this clown continues to upload pithy YouTube videos instead of fronting the police and clearing his name.

You don’t have to prove anything in a YouTube video or even back up your statements – and as such Kumar just makes up whatever paper-thin excuses pop into his head.

Meanwhile when your standing in front of a judge telling them you had nothing to do with Mister Colibri when the company you’re an executive in runs the show… well, that’s why Kumar appears on YouTube and not in the courts.

Thanks again to AISPA for providing us with an English translation.