Last we checked in, Redwood Scientific Technologies was facing fines of $5000 a day for non-compliance with an FTC investigation.

Redwood Scientific Technologies is the parent company of the now defunct RengaLife MLM opportunity.

On July 13th the FTC filed a Status Report regarding a database Redwood provided in June.

The FTC allege information crucial to their investigation has been omitted from the database.

Missing information the FTC has identified include a 5 minute TBX-Free television as referenced in Redwood employee emails.

This was a preliminary examination of Redwood’s submitted evidence, with the FTC needing more time for analysis.

As such the regulator declined to seek coercive sanctions at the time their first Status Report was filed.

On August 2nd the FTC filed a followup Status Report, detailing Redwood’s continued non-compliance.

In sum, Redwood has not responded to the FTC on any of the issues discussed in the July 13 status report and, in fact, has not communicated with the FTC at all.

As a result, the issues identified in that prior status report remain outstanding and unresolved.

The FTC continues to reserve its right to seek coercive sanctions should Redwood fail to comply with the CID and the Court’s Orders and further requests that the Court set a hearing date to address Redwood’s deficiencies.

Outstanding issues identified by the FTC include

  • missing advertisements for TBX-Free and Eupepsia Thin
  • failure to respond to FTC queries of Redwood’s privilege claim with respect to requested evidence
  • missing database information from May onward and
  • failure to supplement document production and interrogatory responses as previously agreed on

The FTC has requested a hearing to resolve the matter before August 17th or after August 28th.

Given the leniency the court has allowed Redwood thus far, further hearings are unlikely to go well for the company.

Stay tuned…


Update 11th September 2018 – A hearing was held earlier today, at which Redwood Scientific Technologies’ attorney failed to appear.

The court has continued the hearing to to today, giving Redwood one last chance to make an appearance.

If they fail to appear in court,

the Court will consider imposing sanctions and setting the matter for an order to show cause hearing re contempt of Court.

Given Redwood’s disastrous handling of court proceedings thus far, no idea if they’ll show up.

We’ll have another update for you later today.


Update 14th September 2018 – A September 12th update to the case docket reads:

Due to the unavailability of defendant’s counsel the court continues the Status Conference set for 9/11/18 to Monday, 9/17/2018.

Looks like Redwood’s attorney will be present at the September 17th hearing, so stay tuned for an after-hearing update on the 18th.


Update 18th September 2018 – When the case was initially called, Redwood’s attorney wasn’t present.

The case docket states the hearing has been continued till October 22nd.

A Status Report is to be filed by October 12th, so that’ll probably be around the time of our next update.


Update 13th November 2018 – As of October 18th 2018, Redwood Scientific Technologies has satisfied requested production pertaining to the FTC’s CID.