Although their position appeared particularly precarious at times, Redwood Scientific Technologies has finally satisfied the FTC’s Civil Investigation Demand.

Back in April it emerged Redwood Scientific Technologies was under investigation for potential FTC Act violations.

The FTC’s investigation appears to have begun on or around early 2017.

For whatever reason, since August 2017 Redwood failed to meet multiple production deadlines.

This eventually prompted the FTC to pursue the matter in court, which again saw Redwood fail to meet deadlines set throughout most of this year.

With things heating up in court and a Status Conference pending, Redwood seems to have finally gotten their act together.

On October 12th the FTC filed a Status Report, detailing cooperation with Redwood’s attorneys.

Following the last hearing on September 17, 2018, counsel for the parties met and conferred multiple times by telephone and have also exchanged emails.

As a result of those communications, Redwood provided supplemental responses to the CID’s document requests and interrogatory responses on September 24, 2018.

Counsel for Redwood is gathering information and documents regarding whether any additional advertisements for TBX-FREE and Eupepsia Thin can be located, and is also compiling updated information about sales, refunds, and consumer complaints to the date of final and complete production as required by the CID.

As of October 18th the FTC appears satisfied Redwood has handed over everything they’ve asked for.

A Joint Stipulation to Dismiss the FTC’s case was filed on October 18th, and granted on October 19th.

Having been provided the information they requested over a year ago, I imagine the investigation into Redwood’s FTC Act violations will continue.

Whether anything further comes of the FTC’s investigation remains to be seen.

Redwood Scientific Technologies is the parent company of RengaLife.

Sometime between now and our April 2018 RengaLife review, Redwood appears to have taken the company website offline.


Update 13th November 2018 – Following publication of this article I came across an injunction filing by the FTC.

Going through the order now and will post a link to the followup article when published.


Update 14th November 2018 – Details of the FTC’s consumer fraud lawsuit against Redwood Scientific Technologies and the Cardiffs is now .