Real Destinations International was initially supposed to launch on February 1st. For reasons unknown, the launch has now been delayed until February 14th.

No explanation for the delay is provided on the Real Destinations International website. One possible reason however is a lack of interest, reflected in the company’s current Alexa ranking of over two million.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Real Destinations International is your typical travel niche MLM opportunity.

Real Destinations International affiliates pay $275 to $3500 for access to travel discounts. Whether they use the discounts or not doesn’t matter, with commissions of up to $300 paid on the direct recruitment of new affiliates.

There’s also cycler commissions, turning an initial investment of $275 to $3500 into a $2675 to $102,700 ROI.

The current Alexa ranking for the Real Destinations International website suggests interest has been luke-warm at best. With those affiliate numbers, cycling will stall within a week or so and prompt a collapse.

Despite being the registered owner of the Real Destinations International website domain and hosting the company’s conference calls, Todd Hirsch maintains he’s just a Master Distributor.

In another move suggesting that’s not his only role within the company, Hirsch has filed a bogus DMCA request.

According to Hirsch, the

Real Destinations International INC company LOGO is copywritten and Trademarked. There is also a picture of myself that is being used without my consent.

Putting aside the fact that BehindMLM’s use of the images is perfectly legal under the US Fair Use doctrine, this is certainly strange behavior from a Master Distributor.

Full Name: Todd Hirsch
Street Address: 469 Memphis Road
City/State/Country: Metter, GA United States
Phone: 9124812589

Why wouldn’t the company owner(s) themselves file the notice? I mean surely Hirsch isn’t controlling Real Destinations International through a third-party, with the title of Master Distributor little more than a ruse?

Out of sheer curiosity I ran a quick search for “real destinations international” and “rdi” through the US Copyright and Patent and Trademark Offices.

Not surprisingly, nothing came up.

In any event when you’ve been scamming people in matrix cyclers for as long as Hirsch has, your past is bound to eventually catch up with you.

This is reflected both in the Real Destinations International official Facebook group count of 58, the delayed launch and bogus DMCA filing.

I guess things must be getting pretty desperate over there.