Prosperity Cash Machine launched in late 2013 and is headed up by Julie Wilson and Paul Stevenson. There’s no official mention of the two on any company documentation, but their names frequently appear as credited owners on the company’s “testimonials” page:

In a September 2013 email sent out to Prosperity Cash Machine affiliate DeMarcus Davenport (who describes himself as a “leader who joined at the top”), Julie Wilson (based out of Ireland) offers some further insight into the company:

Hi DeMarcus,

I am the owner and I am 100% transparent and accessible to the members. I don’t have a bio online as such, however I have 100’s of people that I’ve worked with over the years and would happily vouch for me. I was the owner of CashLines LLC (not to be confused with ‘The Cashline’) similar to Prosperity Cash Machine, but not quite so powerful as it had a lower entry cost. That program was very successful until Zeek Rewards took everyone’s attention away with the lure of passive earnings.

Anyhow, I prided myself on being at the forefront and making sure support was top-notch and everything was running smoothly. Out of 1000’s of people in the program, we only ever had 8 refund requests and I put that down to good communication and support.

In the next couple of days the conf calls will start and it will be ME on the calls so that those that do not know me already, can get to know me. I don’t need to call you for anything important, but am more than happy to do so!

Yes, you can bring in people and you don’t need to restrict it to a few leaders, but large groups will need to hold off for a week or two. What I am doing for the leaders just now is creating an online spreadsheet so that they can keep a track of things in their team. Everything is being tracked very closely from this end too.

Best Wishes

I wasn’t able to find any specifics on CashLines, as per Wilson’s own words it was comparable to Zeek Rewards, a $600M Ponzi scheme shutdown by the SEC in 2012. Wilson writes Prosperity Cash Machine is “similar” to Cash Lines LLC, so that should give some idea of the types of schemes Wilson owns and operates.

Prior to launching Prosperity Cash Machine, Paul Stevenson (based out of Europe) was promoting ISN Coins (numismatic coins) on Youtube:


The “ISN Power Team” video provides instruction on ‘the fastest and most profitable way to build your (ISN) business‘ by, as per the August 2013 video screenshot above, advising viewers to recruit three new ISN affiliates, who recruit three new affiliates, who recruit three new affiliates and so on and so forth.

Whereas Julie Wilson appears to be seasoned at launching Zeek Rewards comparable schemes, Prosperity Cash Machine would appear to be Paul Stevenson’s first attempt at running a company.

Read on for a full review of the Prosperity Cash Machine MLM business opportunity.

The Prosperity Cash Machine Product Line

Prosperity Cash Machine’s primary product is affiliate membership, which is bundled with a matrix position for entry into the company’s compensation plan.

There are three tiers of bundled additional products, corresponding to the three matrix tiers Prosperity Cash Machine use in their compensation plan. These products include audiobooks, ebooks, “relaxing audios” and access to  internet marking training and health videos.

The Prosperity Cash Machine compensation Plan

The Prosperity Cash Machine compensation primarily revolves around affiliates signing up and paying a fee to purchase a matrix position.

Retail Commissions

All Prosperity Cash Machine affiliates are provided with a replicated storefront, from which they can market company supplied products to non-affiliates. For each sale, they earn a $200 commission.

Recruitment Commissions

When a Prosperity Cash Machine affiliate recruits a new affiliate, the company pays them a $100 commission.

Matrix Commissions

There are two matrices within Prosperity Cash Machine, Green and Gold.

The Green Matrix is a simple 2×1 matrix:


An affiliate pays their membership fee and is placed at the top of a 2×1 matrix, with two positions under them to fill via direct or indirect recruitment.

Once those two positions are filled, the affiliate moves on to the Gold Matrix. Prosperity Cash Machine’s Gold Matrix is a 2×2, placing affiliates at the top of six positions:


Once all six positions have been filled (via affiliates cycling out of Green matrices), the affiliate at the top of the Gold Matrix is paid $900. The affiliate who cycles out is also given a re-entry position into another Gold Matrix and a new position in a Platinum Matrix.

The Platinum matrices work in the same manner as the Green and Gold matrices, in that they rely on recruitment from lesser matrices to fill positions. The first level Platinum matrix has fourteen positions to fill and the second level requires six positions.

When an affiliate cycles out of the first Platinum matrix, they are placed into another first Platinum matrix and are also given a position in a second level Platinum matrix.

When an affiliate cycles out of a second level Platinum matrix, they are paid one of the following three cycle commissions:

  • if an affiliate has two personally recruited affiliates in their second level Platinum matrix, they are paid $10,000
  • if an affiliate has one personally recruited affiliate in their second level Platinum matrix, they are paid $4000
  • if an affiliate has no personally recruited affiliates in their second level Platinum matrix, they are paid $1000

Joining Prosperity Cash Machine

Affiliate membership to Prosperity Cash Machine is $175.


Having gone through the details of Prosperity Cash Machine, I have to say that comparing it to Zeek Rewards is being just a tad generous. Whereas Zeek Rewards was a global Ponzi scheme scam that sucked hundreds of millions of dollars from hundreds of thousands of investors, Prosperity Cash Machine is little more than your basic recruitment driven pyramid scheme.

The matrices rely on a constant influx of affiliate joining and paying $175 to enter the Green Matrix levels. All of the matrices above the Green level require people cycling out green matrices to fill them.

What happens over time is all the “free re-entry” positions clog the system, requiring more and more affiliates to join at the Green level to cycle matrices. Adding to this is the typical slowing down of affiliate recruitment, which then eventually leads to the system collapsing.

As for “retail”, I’m not even going to pretend anyone is going to hand over $259 – $599 for the rehashed audio/video third-party garbage Prosperity Cash Machine have bundled with their comp plan. If there was even one retail sale within the scheme I’d be extremely surprised (cue Prosperity Cash Machine affiliate leaving comment below boasting how they’ve supposedly made a bajillion retail sales…).

Bottom line? Prosperity Cash Machine is your everyday matrix-based recruitment scheme. Once that affiliate recruitment stops, the pyramid collapses.

And when that happens, don’t think Julie Wilson and Paul Stevenson are going to be giving anyone back their money either. Taken from Prosperity Cash Machine’s “Terms and Conditions”:

Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of The Seychelles.

We have a strict no refund policy. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to the No Refund policy.

Once you hand over your money for a matrix position, whether you cycle or not… it’s gone.