With the official launch of Polaris Media group just hours away, it seems the company has gone into a massive scale crisis management.

Things haven’t gone as smoothly as the company’s head honchos would have liked. Polaris Media Group advisors are running around issuing legal threats, the NSW government have declared Liberty League to be a pyramid scheme, job networks are refusing to list Polaris ads and a Whirlpool Australian community forum thread is thriving with over 2000 replies where Australians are discussing Polaris Media openly.

In addition to ordering a complete media blackout for Polaris Media Group associates, the company has also recently enlisted the services of Australian public relations company, Wilkinson PR.

At this time associates have been advised not to engage with any media or “bloggers” and to forward any enquiries to a Wilkinson PR email address.

Wilkinson PR have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and specialise in “crisis management”. Wilkinson PR co-founder Peter Wilkinson gives you an idea of just how badly things must be over at camp Polaris for them to call in an overseas PR company.

Wilkinson PR only just recently appointed Shirley Saxon to the newly created role “director of lifestyle” (wonder how many ‘lifestyle’ clients they have?) in their NSW office. This is somewhat interesting as NSW was the first state in Australia to declare Liberty League a pyramid scheme.

Saxon’s appointment was only announced on September 2nd so one can only presume Polaris Media Group have only just hired Wilkinson PR to do their dirty work.

The first order of business appears to be burying any negative comment or criticism of Polaris Media Group on the internet. The following was posted recently to the Polaris Media Group Life community forum;

We need as many clicks as we can muster!!!! We need to take responsibility and drown out the nay sayers and negativity on the web.

So, CLICK CLICK CLICK! Click on the uTube videos, click on the polaris website link in google. The way to increase the ratings (especially in google.com.au) is to CLICK CLICK CLICK on the RIGHT links and IGNORE the links with negative comments.

I know it’s tempting to go see what they have to say, BUT it is only driving up their ratings and making you feel BAD. So, don’t do it….. CLICK CLICK CLICK on our links and re-inforce your positive mindset and those of everyone around you….

Once upon a time search engine results might have been easily manipulated by such tactics but these days search formulas are much more adept at sorting results via relevance.

It’s well known in the corporate world that you don’t simply just wipe the slate and rebrand yourself, demolishing all the work you’ve done to promote your existing brand without a an “absolutely necessary” reason.

To be honest I’m not exactly sure what Liberty League thought would happen when they brought their little scam over to Australia. As a country we’re not really known for being quiet about these things, Peter Wilkinson himself has a history with current affairs programs so I’m sure he’s had his share of exposing scams over the years.

It is disappointing to see an American company hiring an Aussie PR group to help them continue to dupe unsuspecting Australians. Business must be in a bit of a slump if PR companies are taking on the likes of pyramid schemes.

The fact that Polaris Media Group have taken upon themselves to hire an overseas PR group should give you an idea of just how desperate the company is to reclaim its positive web presence.

Wilkinson PR recently joined IPREX, which is a global alliance of PR companies. Interestingly IPREX have a quality assurance committee of their own.

The purpose of the Quality Assurance Committee to promote quality in client work provided by multiple partners and to establish and monitor partner adherence to IPREX contract and codes of practice.

One can only wonder if by taking on pyramid scheme scammers whether or not Wilkinson PR are adhering to the IPREX codes of practice.