By now the news of John and Shannon Lavenia, Tony Rush and Gene Braxton leaving Polaris has well and truly broken and anyone in Polaris Media Group should be aware of it.

Some people have suggested that this might be a simply re-branding ploy or an attempt to distance themselves from the Scientology link that has now plagued the Polaris Media Group business name.

After sleeping on it and going over what has been written I’m taking another approach. I do believe Lavenia, Rush and Braxton have left Polaris but it’s not because they’re rebranding another seperate direct financial opportunity.

It’s because indirectly they’re admitting the pyramid scheme business model that should be visible to anyone with half a clue is ultimately unsustainable.

Let’s have a look at the last few months of Liberty League/Polaris Media Group.

First back in May the NSW office of Fair Trading concluded their investigation into Liberty League and stated they’d received legal advice that LLI’s business model was indeed a pyramid scheme.

Within a few weeks it was then announced that Liberty League would be changing it’s name to Polaris Media Group, complete with a “new” business model.

Due to the rush to beat news of the NSW DoFT announcement going public, Polaris was hastily launched without any of new retail  products.

Unfortunately for them, due to what I believe was an unintentional leak I was able to obtain a written copy of the May investigation and went public with it. This happened just days before Polaris was launched.

In just two short months of Polaris Media Group we’ve seen mass resignations of management and the a huge shadow of doubt cast over the degree that Scientology beliefs are being represented in Polaris’ products.

New distributors have also been duped by income testimonials based on Polaris’ new business model which has not been proven.

The resignation of Braxton, Rush and the Lavenias tells me one thing: That they were unable to recreate the incomes they were enjoying under the pyramid scheme model of Liberty League.

At the end of the day if they were making money, why would they leave? This departure further strengthens ex-EMC member Elana Fraga’s comments.

Almost All Top earners (except those working in the main offices) are Gone.

I personally went from making a substantial income to close to zero income (well, $900 in 2 months working 80+ hours a week) helping everyone, without tools.

I got into financial uncertainty, just as most of you guys there.

I was recently asked that if all this was true, then how was the company still in business. My response was that I believed the reason the company was still trading because people were simply living off their previous Liberty League incomes.

Obviously this wasn’t sustainable in the long term and I believe sometime over the last week that dipping into their savings hit breaking point for Rush, the Lavenias and Braxton.

Of course this is something you won’t ever hear from them. Primarily because they are no doubt bound to confidentiality agreements and because of their future busines plans.

Having failed marketing Polaris’ products, instead the group are going to focus exclusively on the marketing backend. In a recent email to Polaris distributors the group stated:

Our resignation from Polaris Media Group to pursue our passions of training, speaking and educating, does not affect nor diminish our commitment to you.

It does extend our reach in the industry so that we can help more people advance towards their goals within the industry.

Under North Star Connect, Rush, the Lavenias and Braxton are hanging up their direct selling boots and instead focus on encouraging others to do it.

Nothing screams credibility then training others in marketing products and services you yourself have not been able to market successfully enough to stay in business.

North Star Connect will be available to all MLM marketers and I believe is a last ditch attempt to salvage the success UWS had being offered both to Liberty League associates and the wider MLM community.

A guaranteed monthly subscription from MLM marketers sounds a hell of a lot better then getting out there chasing leads every day.

The email communication also mentioned a new company name, NorthStar Global Marketing LLC, but I couldn’t find any information on it over at the Arizona state business records. This indicates to me that it’s a new company, although I’m not sure how if the online records are far behind in updating.

As per usual in the MLM industry it’s the people on the bottom end of the pyramid who are going to be the most vulnerable.

The people that have been hanging on hoping that big break is just around the corner are going to be the most vulnerable to this type of marketing.

To put it more simply imagine a football team that has lost every game for the past 2 years under the same coach and captain.

All of a sudden the coach and captain announce they are resigning and promote two existing team members to be the new captain and coach.

The now ex-captain and coach now tell the team that because the team has been so wildly successful they are going to take their teaching experience on the road and offer their services to other teams too.

Oh and they also want every existing team member to cough up a monthly subscription fee to hear the great coaching tips that led the team to such heights of success.

Look at the developments over recent months and ask yourself ‘how many ‘new’ top income earners has Polaris Media Group created?’

Not only should that tell you why Rush, Braxton and Lavenias left but also it should explain why they are refusing to directly marketing the products themselves.