Lifepath, 21st Century Academy in Port melbourne and a a couple of other organizations all use the same 2 up compensation plan. and guess what I dont see you after them. no just liberty league becaeu it works!!

People make afirtune!. you cna’t stand the fact that it works. It doesnt go ot he people at the top: that shows how litte youunderstna about this business and the comp plan. i ahve asoicates who joined after me and have earned heaps more than me ( and I have earned about $200k US in a year).

-Polaris Global Distributor “Susan Shaw“, 2nd September 2009.

If you ask most people how their Polaris Global business is going your likely to get a reply similar to Susan’s above.

That’s not to say that what Susan says is not true, but it does paint a vastly contrasting picture to that of Kaz Spence, once a Polaris Global distributor herself.

Although not the most successful, Kaz Spence is credited as being the first Australian distributor of Liberty League International (then Polaris Media Group and now Polaris Global).

Recently Spence has joined Brent Payne as part of the leadership team in his new MLM company, Avant.

Due to joining a new company Spence is wanting to distance herself from her involvement in Polaris Media Group. On a recently released Avant press release, complete with obligatory rags to riches and how I overcome my terrible adversity sob story, Spence stated;

I am here to officially let you, the reader, know I am not involved in Scientology and I have never ever been involved with Scientology.

I do not associate myself in business with Polaris Global, Polaris Global Marketing, Polaris Media Group (all name changes since August 2009!)

So why such categorically strong words in distancing herself from Polaris Global? Well it seems to have something to do with the departure of Brent Payne, Liberty League turning into Polaris Media Group and a little bit of good ol’ Scientology.

As I was passionate, and as my belief in myself grew, I went on to become one of the top income earners in the company.

However, things started to change with the business after one of the co-founders (Brent Payne) suddenly departed in early 2009.

As each month went by, things seem to get stranger and there were all kinds of rumors swirling about the remaining Founder. In August, 2009 the company I had once loved and felt proud to be a part of morphed into a new company called Polaris Media Group.

One of the rumors was that the remaining co-founder and many of the high Leadership were involved in Scientology. I respect every person for their own beliefs and who they see as their God or higher power – I did however struggle to align myself to this company whose leadership was involved in Scientology, particularly after I was able to verify this rumor to be true.

Time and time again Polaris Global have denied that Scientology has had any effect on the company or it’s products. Whilst Spence doesn’t directly mention any influence, one can only wonder that, if the Scientology element was as neutral as Polaris Global’s leadership claims, then why Spence had trouble aligning herself with the company.

Spence continues;

I made a decision on December 1st 2009 that I could not longer be associated with Polaris. I could not market a product or company I had no faith in or align myself to the direction the company was taking.

I saw many people crippled financially due to the massive changes that took place with the compensation plan and product change. I also suffered major financial losses.

From top earner to major financial losses, it’s easy to see why Spence left Polaris Global. As I mentioned earlier, Spence’s account certainly contrasts with the picture painted by Susan Shaw.

Whilst my own experience with Polaris Global has been from the sidelines as a commentator, one of the strengths of the writing has always been the testimonials and sharing of experiences of company distributors.

One common counter to this by existing Polaris Global distributors over the months has been ‘well anyone can write anything y’know’. Indicating in part that either the experiences have been made up, or in some instances that I myself have authored them to corroborate my opinions.

With testimonials from notable distributors such as Kaz Spence publicly verifying what a lot of people defend as mere speculation or rumor it does make you wonder.

Spence claims she left in December 2009 and at that time notes she was ‘suffer(ing) major financial losses‘ and saw ‘many people crippled financially‘.

Business has apparently so bad Polaris Media Group felt the need to change their company name completely to Polaris Global in an attempt to rebrand. Fast forward to May 2010 and just how bad it is now, or how much distributor debt is racking up is anyone’s guess.

To their credit Polaris Global continue to rumble along despite months of doom and gloom predictions. Presumably there’s still enough business coming in for the company to remain afloat.

With Brent Payne launching Avant, GiveOpp’s launch a few months off and the already established LifePath Unlimited all in the personal development industry and all looking to increase their marketshare, I wonder how long Polaris Global can keep it up.