polaris-global-logoIn an age of the internet, smart phones, e-book readers, netbooks, tablet pc’s, mp3 players and an every incerasing army of portable gadgets designed to give you information on the go, it’s a little strange to find that most MLM companies still opt for the traditional books and CD/DVDs package to distribute their products.

I guess on one level I can understand it from an an accessibility point of view. I mean, I imagine there aren’t too many people alive today who don’t know how to operate a DVD player and less still who can’t work out how to read a book. That said, with most MLM businesses practically requiring you to have an internet presence, gone are the days you can stay competitive and still maintain that you ‘have no idea what all this internets stuff is about’.

Finally it seems one company is taking a step forward and offering their proprietary home course  in an easy to use USB stick package.

Sometime in August, Polaris Global are set to release what they’re calling ‘Beyond Freedom Evolution University’. Now I might not agree with the content or approve of Polaris’ business model, but credit given where credit is due. This should have been a long time coming for MLM companies that market books and cd/dvd’s and as far as I know, Polaris are the first to do it.

When I first heard about Beyond Freedom Evolution University I thought it might be an entirely new course but rather it’s the same course as previously distributed in traditional media format. With the University edition however, instead of writing things down in a notebook and watching dvds, instead everything is self contained in a USB stick and ready to access from anywhere.

Pricing for BFE University hasn’t been made public yet but Polaris have announced that it will ship for free to customers (down from Beyond Freedom Evolution’s hefty $160 shipping cost).

Interestingly with Polaris effectively cutting their manufacturing costs to near zero, the price point at which BFE University enters the market should be interesting.

Currently the old media format Beyond Freedom Evolution comes in at a retail price of $2855. If BFE University is much lower than that, I imagine it’s going to render the original pretty much obsolete as I can’t imagine people will want to pay too much extra for the old media version.

Conversely, if BFE University is priced too close too (or the same as) the original BFE, there’s no real justification for such a price when effectively you’re paying for easily copied content onto a USB stick. Let’s face it, production of BFE University is going to be as costly and time intensive as simply hitting ‘ctrl-c’.

Hardly worth the equivalent $2000+ price tag of the hard copy version.

Either way it should be interesting to see how this plays out once pricing is released, and of course whether or not BFE University is intended as a longterm replacement of the original or merely an alternative option to the original course.

Regardless, good on Polaris Global for bringing some sorely needed technological innovation to the MLM industry.