Within hours of publishing yesterday’s article quoting a recent Ormeus Global marketing pitch by Troy Rejda, we received a legal threat from Mark Pooser.

Pooser claimed our quoting a marketing pitch by a third-party that in turn claimed to quote him was somehow slanderous on our part.

Naturally we disagreed and suggested he ask Troy Rejda why he was mistakenly quoting him.

Pooser never got back to us on that.

What’s perhaps of more interest though is Pooser’s comments on the current state of Ormeus Global – which differ wildly from the potential earnings Troy Rejda projected.

In his original Ormeus Global pitch, Rejda quoted a Facebook post from Pooser. We reproduced this quote as it appeared faithful to how Rejda presented it in his pitch.

The quote in question suggested investment into Ormeus Global’s ORME altcoin would generate returns of over 4000% annually.

Seeing as both Rejda and Pooser are based out of the US and not registered to offer securities, we pointed out that this was in violation of US securities law.

In his correspondence with us and in a follow-up email to “his team” earlier today, Pooser claims that while he did publish the quote in question, he wasn’t the original author.

I DIDN’T WRITE IT. I quoted it.

I don’t know what the price of ORME will be within a year or 5 years. This is someone else pure speculation.

Pooser claims the original source is the ORME entry on the Coin Liker website.

This of course wasn’t disclosed in Rejda’s marketing email, and I quote;

Now here is a post from my friend, Mark Poosier [sic], which does a great job explaining why you should hodl your ORME:

Pooser went on to claim he does

NOT promote Ormeus Global.

I can’t. I’m not a fan of them at the moment.

The reason Pooser claims to not be a fan of Ormeus Global is because

they have taken our bot money and have not returned it. They are holding our ORME hostage.

I would love to buy GreenX but I can’t with a clear conscience buy it from Ormeus Global, given their track record.

That might change or it might not change.

We are NOT compliant in the US and we can’t promote anyway.

Ormeus Global owes me thousands in commissions and they have refused to pay me even after multiple support tickets.

Pooser does not make a SOLITARY dime if ALL of you purchased the remaining 150,000,000 ORME coins.

Pooser has not received a SOLITARY dime in Ormeus Global commissions in over a year.

I DO NOT promote Ormeus Global, they are unethical on so many fronts.  And you CAN quote me on that.

Why someone who isn’t promoting Ormeus Global is touting 4000%+ annual returns through ORME in a private Ormeus Global Facebook group (quoted or otherwise), is unclear.

Especially considering in one email he sent us, Pooser states Ormeus Global “may be (a) scam company”.

Meanwhile what’s with the glaring difference between how Troy Rejda presents Ormeus Global and Pooser’s truths above?

Why is Ormeus Global holding a “grand launch” in Thailand next month if they haven’t paid affiliates for over a year?

Maybe John Barksdale can fill us in…

Getting back to claims of slander though, we’ll leave that to Rejda and Pooser to sort out among themselves.

It’s worth noting that just four months ago Troy Rejda was served a securities fraud cease and desist by Connecticut.

The cease and desist alleges that in 2013, Rejda promoted an unregistered investment opportunity to an individual who wound up losing $50,000.

Here we are five years later and securities fraud is still being blatantly committed out in the open.