Thailand’s Anti-Money Laundering Office has seized OneCoin related assets belonging to Sebastian Greenwood.

AMLO claims to have seized gold bullion and funds held in two bank accounts.

I was unable to translate AMLO’s scanned press-release. Luckily a reader tipped me off to coverage from ISRA News, which I was able to translate.

According to ISRA News report, AMLO has seized

  • 3kg of 99.99% gold bullion, held with GCAP Company Limited;
  • $33,000 held in an investment account, connected to Greenwood’s gold purchase agreement with GCAP Company Limited; and
  • $1,691 held in a TMB Bank account under the control of GCAP Company Limited’s owner, Ms. Kanungnit Charoenchaow

Nowhere near the $7.1 million China froze in 2018, but it’s confirmation the multinational investigation into OneCoin continues.

AMLO’s investigation is connected to Greenwood’s criminal proceedings in the US.

From the investigation of US officials found that after OneCoin Ltd. received funds from its members.

The funds are transferred through a complex network of bank accounts, with Mr. Karl Sebastian GREENWOOD being one of the beneficiaries of the Company’s operations.

Which constitutes a preliminary offense under Sections 3 (3) and (18) and paragraph two of the Anti-Money Laundering Act B.E. Sebastian GREENWOOD and his gang acquired property in connection with the commission of the crime.

Evidence appears to be believed that OneCoin Ltd. and Mr. Karl Sebastian GREENWOOD and their comrades have acted as a predicate offense under Articles 3 (3) and (18) and paragraph two of the Prevention and Suppression Act. Money Laundering 1999 or being a person who is related to or has been involved in a relationship with an offender of a preliminary offense or money laundering offense.

And from the evidence gathering, it was found that OneCoin Ltd. and Mr. Karl Sebastian GREENWOOD and gang have acquired 3 assets related to the offense.

Greenwood was arrested in Thailand at the behest of US authorities in 2018. He was then extradited to the US.

Greenwood currently has a pretrial conference scheduled for April 28th.