Not content with filing a frivolous lawsuit over lost Ponzi PR earnings, Chris Principe has now filed for a “Preliminary Injunction Order Against Harassment”.

Principe claims defendant Tim Curry is ‘threatening him and accusing him of criminal activity in the foulest, most vitriolic language possible‘, and has asked the court to silence him.

In his motion Principe describes himself as a “consultant in transaction banking, finance and technology”.

He doesn’t mention his direct involvement in promotion of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

For the most part Principe rehashes issues in his original complaint, primarily that Curry is harassing him over Twitter.

The failed Skyway Capital Ponzi PR deal is also brought up (which Principe attributes to Curry’s actions). Part of that also includes BehindMLM’s published Skyway Capital review.

As he’s done before, once again Principe materially misrepresents BehindMLM’s classification of Skyway Capital as a Ponzi scheme.

Due to Skyway’s relationship with Principe, Skyway was also identified as a Ponzi scheme by BehindMLM and Curry.

Skyway did not want to be associated with Principe because of the adverse effect it would have on Skyway’s business, reputation, and ability to find investors.

Skyway canceled its agreement with Principe in 2017 because Skyway found statements by Curry on the Internet linking Principe directly as a promoter of a Ponzi scheme and Skyway did not want to be associated with Principe.

As has been pointed out before, BehindMLM reviewed Skyway Capital in August, 2016.

In our review we concluded Skyway Capital was a Ponzi scheme because like all Ponzi schemes, they used newly invested funds to pay existing investors an advertised 22% ROI.

Principe and his involvement in the promotion of OneCoin was not mentioned anywhere in the review. Nor was it a factor in determining the likelihood of Skyway Capital operating as a Ponzi scheme.

But I digress. Other than that inaccuracy as far as BehindMLM’s Skyway Capital review goes, the rest of Principe’s motion focuses on communications directed at him by Curry.

After this action commenced, Curry sent Principe a request to connect with him on the social networking site LinkedIn.

The request was accompanied by a message:

“I’m going to help put you in jail . . . In my opinion, you are a STUPID MOTHERF****R for f***ing with me, you piece of sh**. [W]ait for it!”

Principe has declined or ignored these requests.

However, whenever Principe declines them, Curry sends another request with another harassing message.

Similarly, when Principe ignores them, they expire after thirty days, at which point, Curry sends a new one.

In addition to sending messages on LinkedIn, Curry has been tagging Principe in a barrage of harassing Tweets.

In addition to sending messages on LinkedIn, Curry has been tagging Principe in a barrage of harassing Tweets.

For instance, on September 8, 2017, Curry sent Principe Tweets at 4:05 a.m., 4:07 a.m., 4:10 a.m., and 5:29 a.m., to name a few.

On September 18, 2017, Curry sent Tweets at least at 2:27 a.m., 9:02 a.m., 9:12 a.m., 9:16 a.m., 9:22 a.m., and 9:43 a.m.

On September 19, 2017, Curry again unleashed a series of Tweets, and on September 20, 2017, Curry Tweeted at Principe at least at 7:09 p.m., 7:29 p.m., and 7:35 p.m.

Many of these Tweets also copied the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and include:

  • “U attack ME for EXPOSING UR ASS??? I won’t stop EXPOSING YOUR ASS until UR in JAIL”;
  • “Tell your attorney, Howard Kroll, I’m calling you an accomplice to PONZI, ON THE RECORD!”;
  • “FEDS! Follow ALL DRAMA by searching ‘Chris Principe’ on this site [website]”;
  • “U guys must already have SEVERAL of these intl economic criminal in your Watch list.”;
  • “That’s correct I have dates n which Principe met w/ OTHER OC scammers to fund his case”;
  • “Chris Principe appears 2B a serial scam opportunist who’ll enable Money Laundering opportunities to infamous criminals”;
  • “You’re going down too, scammer. Enjoy while you can.”;
  • “Better seek a new career, because this industry DOESN’T WANT YOU SCAMMERS!”; and
  • “Scammers get kicked out of ‘blockchain events.’ Sorry Chris Principe, you scamming pieced shit! Someone figured you out!”

Not withstanding Curry doing himself no favors, his frustration over defending a frivolous (suspected) proxy lawsuit likely indirectly funded by OneCoin.

These are but examples of the near-daily barrage of messages, which are taking up a significant amount of Principe’s time to sort through to reach legitimate messages.

And forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but blocking an account on Twitter and LinkedIn is surely a trivial procedure?

Principe has been using Twitter since 2009 and therefore
enjoys a wide following.

As a result, Curry’s harassing messages are being disseminated to a broad audience.

Curry has also begun posting images of Principe and bragging about how Principe has been un-invited from events due to Curry’s comments and postings.

If all Curry is doing is pointing out Principe’s connection to Ponzi schemes, is it the association or Curry’s public broadcasting of it to blame?

In addition to LinkedIn and Twitter, Curry is also allegedly contacting Principe via phone.

Curry has begun using the mobile phone messenger application WhatsApp to broaden his efforts to bombard Principe with harassing messages on his mobile phone.

As an example, Curry has added Principe to a group chat message titled “OneCoin Victim Support.”

Curry is barraging Principe with messages at all hours, including the early morning and the middle of the night and is encouraging the 160 other people he has added to the group chat to do
so as well.

These messages contain the same type of untruthful and vile allegations and comments contained above.

Again, surely leaving the group and blocking Curry over WhatsApp is a trivial procedure?

Despite obvious remedies to his complaints that for some reason have not been explored, Principe claims Curry’s actions have caused him “significant emotional distress”.

The irony of reciprocal emotional distress filing a frivolous lawsuit for lost Ponzi PR earnings meanwhile seems entirely lost on him.

In response to the filed motion for an injunction, Curry details OneCoin’s Ponzi business model and Principe’s involvement in the promotion of it.

OneCoin has defrauded and harmed people worldwide out of their money, and if not banned, is the subject of warning and investigations.

All of Curry’s publications regarding Principe relate to Pinrcipe’s relationship with OneCoin.

Principe has traveled throughout the world to personally endorse OneCoin in front of crowds of potential investors.

He has also been featured in OneCoin videos distributed by OneCoin worldwide.

In these videos, he is presented as a financial expert, with credible and valuable advice, who endorses OneCoin.

These videos featuring Principe are used to lure people into investing into OneCoin.

Principe has allowed himself to be used in promotional piece(s) put out by OneCoin on the internet.

And here’s where things get really interesting.

Despite his OneCoin promotional efforts being the root cause of Principe’s alleged professional reputation losses, he’s still actively appearing at OneCoin events.

What’s more, it appears Principe has since revealed the true nature of his lawsuit against Curry.

In a recent appearance in August 2017 in Vietnam, speaking to a group of OneCoin investors and potential investors, Principe talked about filing a lawsuit in federal court, to stop a person from spreading “disinformation” about OneCoin.

I’m sorry, what? I thought this whole lawsuit was about Principe’ facing public ridicule and income loss over false connections between him and OneCoin.

(Principe) addressed the OneCoin crowd and himself as “WE”.

He also talks about going after other people that are spreading “disinformation” about OneCoin.

Apparently Principe’s lawsuit is actually about protecting OneCoin’s reputation.

It is statements like this from Principe that primarily fuel speculation that, in one way or another, OneCoin management are behind and funding his lawsuit.

In his defense Curry cites freedom of speech and his First Amendment right to call Principe out.

A preliminary injunction forbidding a person from publishing any false and defamatory statements on the internet was constitutionally invalid as prior restraint due to lack of trial or determination of the merits.

Also raised as a defense is Principe’s placing of himself directly within the OneCoin “controversy”.

Principe has willingly, openly, and aggressively, placed himself in this controversy.

Although Curry’s speech may be coarse at times, his right to challenge and inquire outweigh Principe’s freedom from annoyance.

This is especially true since Principe has chosen to align himself with a business steeped in public controversy and criminal investigations.

Within the context of Principe’s appearance at OneCoin events and use of his image in promotional material, Curry argues he should be classified a “limited public figure”.

Public figures have less need for judicial protection because of their greater ability to resort to self-help.

“Public figures usually enjoy significantly greater access to the channels of effective communication and hence have a more realistic opportunity to counteract false statements than private individuals normally enjoy.

Trouble is, Principe can’t deny his involvement in OneCoin. It’s fact and not up for dispute.

Failing that, Curry argues Principe has not met the standard for an injunction.

Specifically a lack of evidence showing Curry’s allegedly defamatory statements were made ‘with knowledge of their falsity or with reckless disregard of their trust or falsity‘.

Principe again can’t provide evidence disproving Curry’s claims because… well, they’re true.

A hearing to decide Principe’s motion has been scheduled for December 1st. Stay tuned…


Update 2nd December 2017 – The hearing for Principe’s harassment motion has been delayed till December 22nd.


Update January 4th 2018 – On January 3rd Chris Principe’s motion for a harassment order was denied.


Update 12th April 2018 – As per a March 30th agreement, a settlement between Chris Principe and Tim Curry has been reached.