William Morro has been arrested on OneCoin money laundering charges.

As per an April 23rd superseding indictment charging Morro with bank fraud;

Morro knowingly execute[d] … a scheme … to defraud a financial institution … and to obtain moneys, funds, credits, assets, securities and other property … by means of false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises.

The “scheme” Morro (right) was allegedly part of saw him “conceal the source of origin and funds connected to OneCoin”.

In his role as an alleged OneCoin money launderer, Morro made false statements to banks to conceal the origin of stolen OneCoin investor funds.

In or about 2016, William Morro received funds connected to OneCoin into bank accounts that he controlled in China and caused a portion of those proceeds to be transferred to other accounts, including to a bank account held at a bank in the United States, and did not disclose, among other things, that the funds were derived from OneCoin.

Between March and April 2016, Morro is alleged to have laundered “approximately $35 million” for OneCoin. Between April and June 2016 Morro allegedly laundered another $6.2 million.

Although William Morro is relatively unknown to me, he has made an appearance on BehindMLM.

In September 2020 BehindMLM reader Semjon tied Morro to convicted OneCoin money launderers Mark Scott and Gilbert Armenta.

I may elaborate at some point but William Charles Morro has been a key figure in Armenta’s schemes — including OneCoin related ones.

With Armenta, Morro acquired and destroyed banks in Georgia and Zambia for Ruja… I wonder if Morro has been or will be arrested too.

Morro was arrested on April 23rd. In addition to prison time, Morro’s indictment also seeks forfeiture of ill-gotten gains.


Update 25th April 2024 – William Morro has pled guilty to one count of bank fraud.