In a series of social media posts, Konstantin Ignatov has claimed OneCoin was “the biggest mistake of [his] life”.

Ignatov also shared a snapshot at an airport, suggesting he’s either been deported or is voluntarily leaving the US.

Speculation about Ignatov’s future began almost immediately after it was announced he was sentenced to time served a few days ago.

Konstantin, the brother of OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova, received no additional prison time following 36 months in prison and home confinement (with limited release conditions).

Ignatov himself fueled rumors with a March 6 Instagram post, suggesting his original witness protection deal had been revoked.

Following his release, OneCoin scammers appear to have begun misappropriating images of Konstantin.

In a social media post addressing this, Konstantin wrote;

As I see already people misusing my pictures, let me just set one thing straight.

I am not part of OneCoin for over 5 years and I will never again be part of it.

I consider this the biggest mistake of my life and regret it deeply.

Please stay away from me with all your networks and coins.

So all the things you might read and see are fake! This stays in the past for me. Thankyou.

Subsequent posts from Ignatov show him at a departure gate in JFK International in New York…

…followed by a final farewell message to the US:

Where Ignatov is heading is unclear. Bulgaria or Germany are likely suspects, owing to Ignatov’s family ties.

Alternatively due to the potential of retaliation from organized crime interests, Ignatov might be headed elsewhere. Ignatov’s sister Ruja remains a wanted fugitive at large.

Such that we’re able to BehindMLM doesn’t intend to track Ignatov beyond leaving the US. Pending unexpected updates, this is likely where our coverage of Konstantin’s OneCoin journey ends.


Update 9th March 2024 – A March 9th Instagram post from Konstantin confirms he has returned to Bulgaria.