In recent email correspondence with Norwegian press, OneCoin lawyer Per Danielsen had a lot to say on recent events.

Per Danielsen has represented OneCoin in Norway for some time.

The earliest I was able to trace back was Danielsen claiming OneCoin had no business in Norway, despite there being at least 5000 recorded OneCoin affiliate investors at the time. That was back in 2017.

Following recent legal events in the US, namely OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott’s conviction and Konstantin Ignatov working with US authorities, Norwegian press requested comment from Per Danielsen.

Mark Scott was found guilty for laundering 400 million euros for OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova.

The funds laundered by Scott were tied to OneCoin, and he himself was paid 50 million euros in stolen investor funds.

Per Danielsen however has a different take on things.

Ignatov has never stated that Onecoin is fraudulent. He has only testified against (the) US Attorney (Mark) Scott and stated that the lawyer must have carried out wire fraud, ie transferring money between states in the United States without permission.

It has no connection with Onecoin.


Also amazing is the claim by Danielsen that Konstantin Ignatov, who has plead guilty to four criminal counts, will soon walk free.

Ignatov is now released because he has cooperated with the prosecutor’s office in the United States.

So he is not being pursued for his position with Onecoin, and will probably soon become a free man.

Wowzers. Has anyone let the DOJ know?

While you’re at it, you might also want to let the DOJ know about their rogue agent.

Despite multiple agents publicly stating OneCoin is fraudulent and the DOJ’s entire case against Mark Scott resting on this fact, when questioned about it Danielsen replied;

You are misinformed. The US prosecutor has not stated what you are referring to.

The fact that an employee of the tax authority has stated something in this direction is not evidence of what the prosecuting authority thinks.

It is just an expression of what a random employee thinks. As unimportant as what a journalist might think, in fact.

So uh yeah, Konstantin Ignatov is on the verge of being released. And Mark Scott was convicted of laundering 400 million in stolen OneCoin investor funds, but the case had nothing to do with OneCoin – which is also totally not a fraudulent business, despite that being a cornerstone of the DOJ’s case against both Scott and Ignatov.



Update 30th June 2023 – OneCoin lawyer Per Danielsen has been disbarred for dishonesty.