onecoin-logoOne of the big selling points for OneCoin up until March was the issuing of OneCoin branded Mastercard debit cards.

For the short time they were available, OneCoin affiliates could transfer withdrawal requests to the card and spend the money wherever MasterCard was accepted.

On March 17th OneCoin abruptly announced card approval and use of already issued cards was suspended.

Three days later it was revealed the owner of the company OneCoin was accessing the cards through, was part of a multi-million dollar drug gang.

No doubt aware of the impact of being able to mention “Mastercard” in OneCoin marketing presentations (not to mention the embarrassment of losing access to the cards in the first place), it seems OneCoin have been pursuing regaining access to the Mastercard network.

Unfortunately for them, Mastercard appear to have been investigating OneCoin themselves. According to a representative in Austria, another OneCoin branded Mastercard won’t launch any time soon.

ORF is the national public broadcaster of Austria. “Heute Konkret” is one of the shows that appears on the network, with an episode aired on June 16th featuring an investigative report into OneCoin.

gerard-gruber-mastercard-austria-onecoinAround five minutes into the episode Gerald Gruber, General Manager of Mastercard in Austria, is asked about OneCoin’s Mastercard debit cards.

The broadcast is in German, with BehindMLM reader Igor claiming Gruber ‘says that MC never authorized this and that they have taken steps several weeks ago to stop the card distribution.

Whether Gruber is talking about the cancelled cards in April or attempts by OneCoin to issue new debit cards is unclear. What is clear though is Mastercard as a company wants nothing to do with OneCoin.

Why, you might ask? That much should be obvious.

In related news it appears OneCoin investors in the US are again making a push to recruit US residents into the scheme.

Officially, OneCoin doesn’t operate in the US. Unofficially US investors invest in OneCoin through bitcoin and offshore shell companies.

Last year OneCoin announced an event in Las Vegas. The event received a fair bit of attention and was much-hyped by OneCoin and its affiliates on social media.

At the eleventh hour OneCoin cancelled the event and instead held a low-key webinar.

A few months later OneCoin promptly abandoned their short-lived US launch.

In various interviews, Ruja Ignatova claims OneCoin don’t operate in the US because “the rules are unclear”. This makes little sense, seeing as bitcoin and every other legitimate cryptocurrency are currently legal in the US.

Far more likely a reason for OneCoin running from the US is the fact that “the rules” for offering unregistered securities, operating a Ponzi scheme and committing wire fraud are very much clear.

As mentioned earlier, despite OneCoin’s official announcement, US residents are still investing and actively recruiting new investors into OneCoin.

OneCoin in the US is typically promoted through low-key team webinars and private Facebook groups.

The exact number of US-based OneCoin investors is unclear, however there appears to be enough of them now that public OneCoin recruitment events in the US have started up again.

In a “team leader call” among US and Canadian investors held on June 20th, a speaker on the call referred to only as “Bob” is introduced.

Bob is currently in Scotland promoting OneCoin and claims the business is “simple”.

[7:02] Get yourself as many coins as fast as you can. Help as many people as you can to get in the same position (as you) as fast as you can.

That’s the simplicity of what we do.

Bob then goes on to announce an upcoming OneCoin recruitment event in Chicago.

[14:11] There is a Chicago event happening this weekend … and we have top leaders, this is gunna be a great event if you can make it to Chicago.

June 24th and 25th, this is gunna be at the Hilton Garden Inn … that is in Schaumberg, Illinois.

[14:57] So Friday there is going to be a presentation at 5 o’clock.

[15:12] And then Saturday is going to be, it looks like an all-day event from 10:30 to 5:30.

None of the “top leaders” purportedly attending the event are named. Ditto whether OneCoin corporate have signed off on the event and/or are endorsing it.


Footnote: The OneCoin “team leader call” referenced in this article was held on June 20th and can be listened to below:

(Update: Shortly after this article was published the video linked to here was taken offline by the uploader.)