onecoin-logoThe evasion of US regulators by OneCoin continues, with the latest seeing the Ponzi scheme cancel it’s upcoming US event.

To be attended by OneCoin management and seen by many to confirmation that the company was not worried about being shut down by regulators, turns out it was a sham all along.

As per a recent US investor affiliate call,

The Las Vegas event was going to be a big national public event.

Dr. Ruja was not going to be at this event. There was actually going to be a lot of other top leaders from other countries from around the world, the national distributor and also a compliance department (member).

To date Ignatova has not entered the US to support local events, fueling speculation that she might be aware of regulatory investigations concerning OneCoin.

The affiliate call was held in response to OneCoin’s abrupt decision to terminate US operations yesterday.

In an announcement made on OneCoin’s Facebook page, the company announced it would no longer be signing up US residents. US affiliates are also prohibited from promoting the scheme.

sal-leto-onecoin-usa-investorSpeaking on the call, Sal Leto (right) explained the reason cited for the cancellation of OneCoin’s Las Vegas event was new laws concerning cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Ruja said, “You know what? Because of these new laws, I want you to postpone the Las Vegas event.

I don’t want to do some huge public display, a huge public event, where it seems we’re aggressively building forward.

With the new law that passed I want to do the (SEC) registration process first.”

Leto claims to have met up with Ignatova “last week”. The excuse about SEC registration he trots out however makes little sense.

OneCoin launched roughly a year ago, and thus far have failed to register with the SEC. For over twelve months now the company has had the opportunity to register, but has instead elected to offer unregistered securities in the US.

Registering with the SEC is a trivial matter, with their being no verification process of OneCoin’s business model involved (the SEC do not validate or certify any company’s business model).

Previously Leto had claimed OneCoin was going to open its own bank in the US.

In an attempt to salvage what’s left of his gutted OneCoin business, Leto dangles yet more promises to his downline.

There’s a huge announcement coming for the US market. It’s a very positive announcement.

Okay, it’s so big that Dr. Ruja isn’t even telling the leaders to spread the word about an announcement that’s coming for the US market.

Under purported instruction not to do so, why Leto is then “spreading word” about the announcement is a mystery.

It’s huge, it’s ground-breaking for the US market.

She (Ignatova) wants to give the announcement herself, personally because it’s going to be a time of celebration for the US market.

In light of OneCoin terminating their US operations, what sort of announcements Ignatova plans to make remains to be seen.

Or, like the OneCoin bank announcement, Leto could just be talking out of his ass.