onecoin-logoFor an event that has been hyped to no end over the past month or so, the delayed launch of OneCoin into the US heralded much of nothing.

There was no live event or official OneCoin corporate presence in the US, with the event instead held via webinar.

A somewhat bored-sounding gentlemen opened the call, with a couple of hundred OneCoin investors listening in.

Despite OneCoin claiming to have over 400,000 affiliates, only four hundred or so (0.001%) rocked up to the “historic event”.

After blabbing on for a few minutes about how momentous launching in the US was, the host kicked it over to OneCoin’s founder, Ruja Ignatova.

Now you’ve got to feel for the OneCoin affiliates who bothered to turn on the call. I don’t know whether Ignatova thinks all of her investors are morons, or what the deal is – but other than briefly mention the promotional need for OneCoin to appear to be operational in the US, this might as well have just been a pitch to prospective OneCoin affiliates.

For thirty-five minutes, Ignatova proceeded to give listeners an extremely basic introduction to cryptocurrencies, a history of OneCoin itself and how Ignatova claims to have started the company.

I’d have thought OneCoin investors would have a basic understanding of the cryptocurrency concept before signing up as a OneCoin affiliate, but evidently not.

What struck me in particular was that nothing was really announced on the call, at least not specifically towards a US launch. There was no disclosure of registration with the SEC (OneCoin almost certainly offer their affiliates securities), nor was there talk of OneCoin creating a physical presence on US soil.

If any OneCoin investors had hoped to be reassured they weren’t just investing in a shady European-based Ponzi calculatedly being operated offshore, that certainly didn’t happen.

Towards the end of the call there was talk of affiliates organizing recruitment meetings in several US states, but nothing concrete.

A convention in Las Vegas was also briefly mentioned, along with talk of OneCoin investors from around the world attending, but again that came off as more of a pipe dream at this stage.

Despite the “historic” launch of OneCoin in the US, it’s still ultimately a European-based opportunity operating in the US with little to no logistical support.

Ignatova and the gang aren’t registered with the SEC and those pushing OneCoin, by virtue of their own passive investment in the scheme, have got to know by now that this is a problem.

I mean what happened to Ignatova bringing OneCoin into the US “through the front door” and all above-board?

Feel free to fill me in on what exactly changed within OneCoin over the past twenty-four hours via a comment below.

Otherwise, I’m at a complete loss as to why a OneCoin US launch webinar needed to be held at all (and I can’t be the only one…).