Two developments in Mark Scott’s OneCoin case. One interesting, the other disappointing.

On February 14th the DOJ requested a three week adjournment of the deadline to respond to Scott’s acquittal/new trial motion.

From there Scott’s defense will have another three weeks to reply, placing sentencing at or around May 26th.

No explanation for the requested adjournment is provided. Scott is currently scheduled to be sentenced on April 21st.

The interesting filing was made the same day. It’s a bond notice hearing scheduled for February 25th.

The hearing is that of a bail review, meaning potential changes to Scott’s current house arrest conditions.

Given sentencing is only a few months away, not really sure what the point is. Stay tuned for the outcome of the hearing in any event.


Update 20th February 2020 – On February 18th the DOJ’s request for an adjournment was granted.

Mark Scott is now scheduled to be sentenced on May 26th.